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Temperature and Humidity Controller SD Series

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600.00 Grams
  • Tempreture controller SD series
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Temperature Controller SD Series: Precise Control Made Simple

The SD series from Samwon Eng. is a multifunctional range of temperature and humidity controllers. With a variety of features, these sensors are ideal for industrial and automation processes.

Unmatched Versatility:

  • Multi-Input Support: The SD Series accepts a variety of sensor inputs, including Thermocouple (5 types), RTD (1 type), DC Voltage (2 ranges), DC Current (1 range), and even sensor input for 9 different humidity sensors, providing unmatched flexibility for your specific needs.

Tailored Output Options:

  • Standard Configuration: The SD Series comes equipped with 3 relay outputs, perfect for controlling basic heating and cooling elements.
  • Optional Expansion: For more advanced applications, optional outputs include 2-channel Analog Current Output and Solid State Relay (SSR) Output, allowing you to precisely control a wider range of devices.

Enhanced Communication:

  • Communication Flexibility: The SD Series offers optional RS485, RS232, and RS422 communication protocols, enabling seamless integration into monitoring and control systems.
  • Free Monitoring Software: A complimentary monitoring program (for up to 20 units) is included, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your temperature control processes.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips:

  • Output Current Limiting: The SD Series features an output current limitation function, providing an extra layer of safety and control by defining the upper and lower limits of the output current.

Simplified Operation:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The SD Series prioritizes ease of use. Complicated functions are hidden or minimized, allowing you to effortlessly set up and operate the controller with a focus on the most essential features.

Control Methods:

  • PID Control: The SD Series utilizes advanced PID control algorithms, offering both positive and negative direction control for precise temperature regulation.
  • ON/OFF Control: For simpler applications, ON/OFF control with direction selection is also available.

Comprehensive Alarm System:

  • Enhanced Safety: The SD Series incorporates a heater disconnection alarm and sensor disconnection alarm to ensure the safety and integrity of your system.
  • 10 Programmable Alarms: Configure up to 10 additional alarms to monitor and respond to a variety of operating conditions.

Additional Functionality:

  • ON/OFF Timer Output: The SD Series features an ON/OFF timer output function, allowing for automated control based on time schedules.

With its exceptional versatility, user-friendly design, and advanced control features, the SD Series Temperature Controller is the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial, scientific, and commercial applications.

Brand Information

About Samwon Eng

Samwon Eng, a South Korean company established in 1994, has grown from a manufacturer of timers and counters into a leading provider of digital control solutions. Their product line now encompasses not only timers and counters but also temperature and humidity controllers, industrial software, and a wide range of digital control meters.

Headquartered in Kyung-Nam, South Korea, Samwon Eng is committed to continuous innovation. Their dedicated research institute, established in 1995, fuels their product development. But their focus goes beyond just technology. Samwon Eng prioritizes a work environment that embraces cultural richness, environmental responsibility, and ethical practices. This ensures not only the exceptional quality of their products but also a company culture that values its employees and the world around them.

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SD-48M (SRN) SD-48M (SRN).pdf SD-48M (SRN) Page
SD-49M (RRRN) SD-49M (RRRN).pdf SD-49M (RRRN) Page
SD-49M (SARN) SD-49M (SARN).pdf SD-49M (SARN) Page
SD-72M (RRRN) SD-72M (RRRN).pdf SD-72M (RRRN) Page
SD-72M (SARN) SD-72M (SARN).pdf SD-72M (SARN) Page
SD-94M (RRRN) SD-94M (RRRN).pdf SD-94M (RRRN) Page
SD-94M (SARN) SD-94M (SARN).pdf SD-94M (SARN) Page
SD-96M (RRRN) SD-96M (RRRN).pdf SD-96M (RRRN) Page
SD-96M (SARN) SD-96M (SARN).pdf SD-96M (SARN) Page
SD-96M (SRRN) SD-96M (SRRN).pdf SD-96M (SRRN) Page
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