TECPEL Environmental Testing Anemometers AVM-714

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  • Anemometer AVM-714, Anemometer, AVM-714, tecpel
  • Anemometer AVM-714, Anemometer, AVM-714, tecpel
  • Anemometer AVM-714, Anemometer, AVM-714, tecpel
  • Anemometer AVM-714, Anemometer, AVM-714, tecpel


An “Anemometer” is a device for measuring the speed of airflow in the atmosphere, in wind tunnels, and in other gas-flow applications.

AMV-714 from Tecpel is an Anemometer and thermometer (hot wire), very suitable for low air velocity measurements.

AMV-714 from Tecpel comes with the following features:

  • Thermal Anemometer, available for very low air velocity measurement. RS 232 PC serial interface.
  • Multi-functions for air flow measurement: m/s, km/h, ft/min. knots, and mile/h.
  • The portable anemometer provides fast accurate reading with digital readability and the
    convenience of a remote probe separately.
  • Slim probe, ideal for grilles & diffusers,
  • Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor, deliver rapid and precise measurements even at low air velocity value.
  • Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provides special functions and features.
  • Super large LCD with dual function meter display, read the air velocity and temp. at the same time.
  • Heavy duty and compact housing case.
  • Records maximum and minimum readings with recall function.
  • Auto power off to save battery life.
  • Build in temperature deg C and deg F measurement.
  • Thermistor sensor for Temp. Measurement, fast response time.
  • Made with durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, light weight ABS plastic   housing case.
  • Deluxe hard carrying case
  • Applications: Environmental testing, air conveyors, flow hoods, clean rooms, air velocity,
    air   balancing, fans/motors/blowers/furnace velocity, refrigerated case.
  • Operates from 6 pcs UM-4 batteries
  • Optional PC software.

Brand Information

Tecpel Co. Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in the Test and Measurement market. They have set up over 50 country distributors worldwide. Some of their products have been branded by famous leaders in the market. About 60% of their customers are repeat customers. Tecpel imports products from Japan and carries out quality checks. Their products are exported to Europe mainly. If customers find a fault with the product, they will replace it with a new product within 2-3 days.

They are regarded as one of the leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurements. Their product lines include power supplies, oscilloscopes, electronics & electrical meters and testers. Tecpel’s quality products have been accepted by some well-known international customers. The confidence they have in their products is reflected in their one-year warranty and by their flat-rate service policy through 3-5 years.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One-Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI circuit.
13 mm (0.5") super large LCD display (dual function meter's display).
Air velocity: m/s (meters per second), km/h (kilometers per hour), ft/min (feet per minute) knots (nautical miles per hour), mile/h (miles per hour). Data hold.
Sensor Structure:
Air velocity: Tiny glass bead Thermistor. Temperature: Precision Thermistor.
Memory recall:
Records maximum and minimum readings with recall.
Sampling time:
Approx. 0.8 sec.
Data output:
RS-232 PC serial interface.
Power off:
Auto shut off saves battery life or manual off by push button.
Operating temperature:
0°C to +50°C.
Operating humidity:
Less than 80% RH.
Power supply:
1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery x 6pcs. (Alkaline or heavy duty type).
Power current:
Approx. DC 30mA.
180 x 72 x 32 mm (7.1 x 2.8 x 1.3 inch).
Telescope probe:
Round 72 mm dia., L = 250 to 940 mm.
355 gr. (0.78 LB).
Air Velocity:
Range Resolution Accuracy
0.2 to 20 m/s 0.1 m/s. ±(3%+1d) reading or ±(1%+1d) reading.
0.7 to 72 km/h. 0.1 km/h. “
0.5 to 44.7 mile/h 0.1mile/h “
1.0 to 31.1 knots 0.1 knots. “
40 to 3940 ft/min 1 ft/min. “
Air temperature:
Range Resolution Accuracy
°C 0°C ~ 50°C 0.1°C ± 0.8°C
°F 32°F ~ 122°F 0.1°F ± 1.5°F
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