TECPEL Electricals and Electronics Testing Clamp Meter CA-60

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  • CA-60 AC / DC mA Current Clamp
  • CA-60 AC / DC mA Current Clamp


In electrical and electronic engineering, a current clamp or current probe is an electrical device with jaws that open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor. This allows the measurement of the current in a conductor without the need to make physical contact with it or to disconnect it for insertion through the probe.

CA-60 from Tecpel is an AC/DC Current clamp meter.

CA-60 from Tecpel comes with the following features:

  • This miniature clamp meter features two Hall Effect sensors.
  • For use with any multimeter with 200mV or/and 2V ranges for the direct readout input impedance of least 1M ohm.
  • High conversion factor for low DC and AC mA measurement.
  • With the small jaw size, it can fit into tight space in a circuit panel or wire bundle to take the reading.
  • The high-frequency response at 20 kHz is useful for waveform monitoring on an oscilloscope.
  • Zero-adjustment is made easy by just pushing the ZERO buttons.
  • It is best for locating a small signal, industrial control, battery leakage, and automotive usage.
  • Monitor small signal, waveform, and leakage.


Brand Information

Tecpel Co. Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in the Test and Measurement market. They have set up over 50 country distributors worldwide. Some of their products have been branded by famous leaders in the market. About 60% of their customers are repeat customers. Tecpel imports products from Japan and carries out quality checks. Their products are exported to Europe mainly. If customers find a fault with the product, they will replace it with a new product within 2-3 days.

They are regarded as one of the leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurements. Their product lines include power supplies, oscilloscopes, electronics & electrical meters and testers. Tecpel’s quality products have been accepted by some well-known international customers. The confidence they have in their products is reflected in their one-year warranty and by their flat-rate service policy through 3-5 years.

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Warranty Information

One-Year Warranty
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Additional Information

AC/DC Current Range:
0 ~ 60 Amp.
Conductor jaw opening capability:
9mm 3/8 "".
Transformer ratio:
10:1, 100:1.
Frequency response to 20 kHz:
1 mV/10mA or 1 mV/100mA conversion.
• DC A: +/- 1.5% ACA: +/- 2% (40Hz ~ 2K Hz). • AC A: +/- 4% (2K ~ 10 KHz). • AC A: +/- 6% (10K ~ 20 KHz).
1mV/ 10mA, 1mV/ 100mA.
7.7"" x 2.8"" x 1.3"".
Designed to meet IEC 100-1, IEC 1010-2-032 CE.
CA-06 Adapter (Option):
BNC- Female 4mm Banana post adapter for receiving Signal output from CA-60 and able to be monitored by oscilloscope.
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