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Product suggestions, installing them, solving your technical issues – we’re here for it all.

Since we do not believe in sell and sail, we have foreseen your journey when you face a challenge. From detection of the system failure, to product selection, to installation and guarantee procedure or even returning of the product - we’re ready to provide any and all industrial automation services
We have divided this journey to 3 steps:

   •   Before product purchase

   •   After product purchase

   •   Professional automation services

We assure you of a carefree product purchase!

product purchase services

Check us out, while servicing in less than 1 min!

How We Help You Before Purchase?

technical consultation

Technical Consultation

Technical experts are here ready to listen to you and give you advice on challenges you face in your system. Get to know them here!

sales staff

Get a Quote

It’s a possibility that you won’t find your need on our product pages. Or you might need a bulk price. Our experts have tons and tons of answers for your need. Click ahead and get the best quote you can ever imagine.

knowledge center

Knowledge Sharing

We have gathered technical and informational data in our knowledge center which you can browse through before you make a choice. 

water wastewater treatment

Suggesting Products Through Applications

There are many industries in the business. we have chosen a series of these industries to cover almost every aspect of your business.  we have specified the applications related to each industry and for each application we have assigned its related product. 

How We Keep Helping You After Your Purchase?

equipment installation services

Equipment Installation Service

We know! It could be challenging to install a new automation product. We have the tools, the equipment, and the experience to help. Simply click on the bellow button to see our installation procedure.

fast return

Easy Returns

Sometimes what you buy online is not what you had in mind. We want you happy and carefree. So we made it easy to return your products.

express packaging

Same Day Send-out

We are attentive and we are in motion, when you press that checkout button. All products in our warehouse is in our same-day shipping policy.

Still Servicing!

smart fse company

Smart FSE

There is a whole new world here. At smart FSE we are ambitious to make every house and every factory smart. How?

We have character limitation here. Click the button to know how.

find new customer

Find Your New Customers Here

Are you a seller, a brand, a supplier too? Come aboard. We have provided an infrastructure here for you to show your brand and products.

Click to talk to us to know how to start.

virtual technical help

Virtual Technical Help

YES, Exactly! Click here to start a video call with our experienced engineers to solve the challenge you have right now.

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