Sensopart Distance Sensors FR 55-RLAP-70-2PNSI-L8 (621-11026)

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FR 55-RLAP-70-2PNSI-L8
0.50 Grams


This is the Sensor having large range for anticollision and positioning applications. This product offers High flexibility thanks to adjustable analogue characteristic (QA). This product also gives 4 distance positions with 2 switching outputs, adjustable via window function and Q1/Q2 switchable to Q1/Q1 as ambivalent outputs. This product also provides Compact design for an easy integration. This product gives Easy installation and operation via external teach-in

Some Features are given as under

  • This product has adequate switching frequency.
  • This product encapsulates Teach-in.  
  • There are multiple applications to this product.
  • Easy Installation given.

Some Applications of this product are given as under

  • It has applications in terms of Robotics.
  • It has applications in Electronics production.
  • /Multipurpose application.  


Brand Information

SensoPart was created in 1984 and since then it has achieved many milestones as a company and has reached new levels of success each and every day. Opto-electronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors are the signature brand for the company and SensoPart is considered as the innovative supplier of them and holds the international reputation in the supply of Opto-electronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors.


The above mentioned sensors are used in factory automation and Sensopart has become a market leader in the domain of image-processing vision sensors, and these sensors play a significant part in robotics applications. They have a motto of innovation and creating things that could be imagined only, 


Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

F 55
Typical resolution:
8 μA
Light Type:
Laser, red
70000 mm
Connection type:
Plug M12 8-pin
Switching output:
Supply voltage:
18 - 30 V DC
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