KG Auto - South Korea Limit Switches KG-L007

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250.00 Grams
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KG-L007 from KGAuto is a limit switch normal type, with spring wire.

KG-L007 from KGAuto comes with the following features:

  • Limit switch made in the aluminum die- casting, which makes it stronger and it maintains a long life in the shocks from outside.
  • Inner switch is composed of 2 stages; it’s made of strong with strong quality of material.
  • Heat-proof, oil-proof, dust-proof structure.
  • Protected structure: IP 67.

Brand Information

KGAuto (Keiji Auto) is a Korean industrial electronic equipment brand. They have been practicing customer satisfaction by manufacturing various control devices required for automation such as control switches, limit switches, hoist switches, wireless switches and indicators. They pride themselves with outstanding quality, reasonable prices, and fast delivery. They hope to always meet the requirements of their clients with creative designs and methods, professional state of the art technology, and independent experience. They are committed to become partners with every industry for their better development and prosperity. Their headquarters is located at 9, Sinheung-ro 420beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year
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Additional Information

Operating force:
Release force:
8 N.
Pretravel (PT):
Overtravel (OT):
MD (Moment Differential):
6A 250V AC
Max operating speed voltage:
Operating Cycle:
Electrical 120cycles/min.
Operating Cycle:
Mechanical 20cycles/min.
Insulating resistance:
Min 100mΩ.
Contact resistance:
Max 50mΩ.
Dielectric strength:
Between live parts 50~60Hz 1min.
Dielectric strength:
Between non-live parts 50~60Hz 1min.
Vibration protection:
Non-action 10-55 Hz.
Shock protection:
Invasion 1,000 m/s2 Min.
Shock protection:
Non-action 300 m/s2 Min.
Electrical 1mil Min.
mechanical 0.5mil Min.
Ambient temperature / humidity:
10~+70℃ / 95% RH Max.
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