Fiber Optic Cable M3, 2m Cable, 0.5 mm Fiber Diameter - FT-320-05

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500.00 Grams


Autonics Standard type Fiber Optic Cable, FT-320-05

Through-beam type, Bolt type, Free cut


The Autonics fiber optic sensor FT-320-05 is used to provide accurate detection of objects in various applications. For flexible installation in a variety of environments, this sensor is available in through-beam sensing method, thread head type, and standard cable type.

As a quick report, this fiber optic sensors provides:

  • Standard type (bolt type)
  • R10 Allowable bend radius
  • 2m Cable length
  • 150mm Sensing distance
  • Ø0.5mm Min. sensing target
  • Through-beam sensing type
  • Thread head type


This Autonics fiber optic sensor's case is made of plastic.


The Autonics fiber optic sensor FT-320-05 features standard cable type. This fiber 0.5 mm in diameter and 2 meters in cable length, and the hood diameter for this sensor is Ø3 mm (M3).

Sensing specifications

This fiber optic sensor's sensing type is through-beam. The maximum distance that this sensor can detect its called sensing distance is 150 mm and minimum sensing target for FT-320-05 sensor is Ø0.5 mm.


There are limitations in temperature in which FT-320-05 fiber optic sensor is used:

  • Environment_Ambient temperature: -40 to 70 ℃

Industries / applications

  • Wafer Baking Equipment
  • Manufacturing Process


Want to know how this sensor acts? Check our article to get the full report on Fiber Optic sensor working principles.

Series Information

Fiber Optic Units

Fiber Optic Units

The Autonics FT/GT, FD/GD, FL/GL series fiber optic units are available in various sensing methods (through-beam, retroreflective, convergent reflective), 9 head types (thread, cylindrical, flat, L-shaped, plastic, perpendicular, stainless steel, U-shaped, area detection), 5 cable types (standard, flexible, break-resistant, heat-resistant, vacuum-resistant) for flexible installation in diverse environments.

Fiber Optic Units Main features

  •  Various head types and sensing methods for diverse environments
           - Thread, cylindrical, flat, L-shaped, plastic, perpendicular, stainless steel, U-shaped and area detection head types for various user requirements
           - Through-beam, retroreflective and convergent reflective methods are available for diverse working conditions
  • Various Fiber Shapes & Types
  • High-Flex Cables
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Vacuum-Resistant
  • Various Cable Types Available for Diverse Environments

          - Standard Type: Standard fiber optic cables

          - Heat-Resistant Type: Withstand extreme temperature conditions from -60°C to 350°C

          - Vacuum-Resistant Type: Withstand vacuum conditions from -60°C to 350°C

          - Break-Resistant Type: R5, Withstand frequent bending without breaking

          - Flexible Type: R1, Ideal for installation environments with contours. (R1>R5)

About Fiber Optic sensor

"Autonics" is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices. This company represents 6 Fiber Optic sensor series:

  • Fiber Optic Units: Fiber Optic Units
  • BFX Series: LCD Display Digital Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • BF5 Series: High Performance Single/Dual Digital Display Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • BFC Series: Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier Communication Converters
  • BF4 Series: Digital Display Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • BF3 Series: Dual Adjustment Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Autonics products are mainly used in:

  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor/Display Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Machine Tools Industry


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Standard type(bolt type)
Sensing distance:
Min. sensing target:
Allowable bend radius:
Cable length:
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