COND-5022 Conductivity meter

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Fast response, high accuracy, single point calibration, and water repellent panel. 
Simple and lightweight design, easy to use pen-type plug carry, special telescopic electrode design, the electrode can be extended to 80mm

COND 5022 Conductivity Meter (Durable Made in Taiwan) Cooling Tower

  • Test range: 0-999 uS / cm
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% FS
  • Resolution: 1
  • Temperature compensation: Yes
  • Power: 9V
  • Size: Instrument 158x40x34 mm Carrying case 165x100x40 mm

The whole group is equipped with: standard night, 9V battery, screwdriver, carrying case, operating instructions



1. Insert the battery and turn on the power ‧

2. Open the protective cover and pull out the electrode, the length of self-adjustment

3. Wash the electrode with water and dry it.

4. Gently shake the instrument to stop until the value is stable ‧ Use a screwdriver to adjust the display value from the right hole to 143

5. The display stabilizes at 143 to complete the calibration. • Remove the electrode and wipe it dry

6. Place the electrode in the test solution and gently shake the instrument to stop until the displayed value is stable and multiplied by 10 (EZDO 5022 is the conductivity value).

7. Wash the electrode with water and wipe dry ‧ sets of protective cover

8. The next time you need to use no correction ‧ about two weeks or use 10 times to re-calibrate once

TECPEL also COND 5021 (range 10-9990uS / cm) Interested parties can leave a message in question and answer

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One-Year Warranty
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