Weld Immune Proximity Sensor

Weld Immune Proximity Sensor

Weld Immune Proximity Sensor; Reliability in Welding

A weld immune proximity sensor, offers a reliable solution in challenging environments where standard proximity sensors malfunction due to the strong magnetic fields generated by welding processes. These robust sensors are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of welding environments, making them a critical component for automated welding systems.

  • Flush Mount Proximity Sensor M30, 2 wire, Normally Open - PRA30-10AO

    Inductive Sensor M30, AC 2 wire, Normally Open, Flush - PRA30-10AO


    Autonics proximity sensor M30, Normally Open PRA30-10AO Shield (flush), Cable type connection, 10 mm Sensing distance   The Autonics proximity sensor PRA30-10AO features outstanding noise protection and stable sensing performance due to its...