Uses of Fiber Optic Cables in Industry

Uses of Fiber Optic Cables in Industry


A thin fiber having the ability to carry light from one point to another is known as optical fiber. The study for the optical fibers is termed as optical fiber. Optical fiber studies come under the category of applied science and engineering. Fiber optic cable specifications and fiber optic cable features really give them upper hand over other options available.

Usage Of Optical Fibers

The main use of optical fibers is in the field of telecommunications, but they also have other uses in the field of lightning, sensors, toys and cameras in order to have the visuals in tiny areas. They are also used in the field of medicine for having visuals inside the people.

Background Of Optical Fiber

In the late 30's the modern concept of optical fibers was developed in which glass fiber is coated with transparency to have an adequate suitable index. They were introduced as a result of professor Henirich Lamm's work early in the 1930's.

Use Of Optical Fiber In Fiber Optic Communication

One of the great uses of optical fibers is in telecommunications as I have mentioned above. They have the objective of traversing the data from place to another. They get the transmission done through sending pulses of light by using an optical fiber. The light then generates electromagnetic waves which pass the data. The idea of fiber optic transmission was first introduced in the 1970's and since then it has revolutionized the industries associated with telecommunication and are a great deal of help in the modern age where everything revolves around information.

Construction Of The Fiber

The cable that is made up of optical fiber contains a large number of glass fibers varying from a few to hundreds. Around the glass fiber there is a coating which is termed as cladding. And in addition to it there are layers acting as the protective and final layer for the individual strand.

Working Of The Fiber Optics

Fiber optics work in a way that glass fiber core and cladding (the coating) have different refractive index resulting in bending of incoming light at a specific angle. When fiber optic cable sends light signals, they make it reflect and light signals make a pattern of zig zag bounces. This is a process which is termed as total internal reflection. As there are glass layers having really high refractive indexes, the light signals travel at a lower speed than actual light would. It is said that they travel 30 percent slower as compared with the speed of light. There are also amplifiers installed at some time intervals in order to boost signals or renew it. These are termed as repeaters and the function of them is to regenerate signals by converting them into electric signals.

Optical Fiber Applications

Optical fibers have a variety of uses in various dominant fields. Some of Optical fiber applications are listed below.

Medical Industry

As I have mentioned earlier, fiber has a great use in looking up what is happening inside the body. They have a great usage in being light guides, other than that they are used as imaging tools and also have their objectives as lasers while performing surgeries.

Use In The Governments

Optical fibers are also used in governments for the defense purposes as they are used in SONARS. They have also their usage in different types of vehicles like aircraft and submarines.

Telecommunications Industry

This is one of the industries that optical fiber has revolutionized the most. There is a big need for optical fibers in sending and receiving the data and useful information for different sorts of purposes. Data transmission is one of the biggest applications of optical fiber. Due to its high end specifications over its contemporary options.

Media Industry

One of the applications of fiber optics is in the media industry as they are used to broadcast high definition television signals. So without them there is absolutely no concept of entertainment. Because it’s alternative is the use of copper wires which are extremely expensive. And optic fibers provide a cheaper solution for it. They are used to wire HDTV, CATV, and other applications.

Other Industrial Applications

They are used for filming in the areas where it is really difficult to reach. They also have their usage as sensory devices to make measurements addressing pressure, temperature etc. They are also used for wiring in the automotive industry. Since the development of fresher types of technology. The usage of optical fiber has turned out to be a thing due to the fact that it provides convenience in larger networks, and due to its robust properties. Optic fibers provide a cheap solution. People prefer it due to Fiber optic cable specifications and fiber optic cable features

27th Apr 2020 Syed Furqan Ali

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