Anticipating The Fifth Industrial Revolution

Anticipating The Fifth Industrial Revolution

Each industrial revolution propelled our culture to new heights, enabling us to accomplish more in a shorter period of time than we could have imagined. According to The Economist, the third industrial revolution was in full swing in 2012, and we are rapidly approaching the fifth industrial revolution in 2020. Even though the 4th Industrial Revolution is still going on, many people have already started to think about what the 5th Industrial Revolution will mean for businesses and people.

In this section, we look at how the 5th Industrial Revolution will connect directly to the 4th, which is what many experts have said will happen.

As each revolution has pushed our society and humanity further in terms of technology, education, and economics, we have witnessed the advancements of technology and commerce take precedence over humanity's service; that is, we value these new technologies and the economic benefits they provide over humans and workers.

Industry 4.0 is perhaps the clearest example of this phenomenon. 

According to reports, 65% of children who begin their education in elementary school will pursue a career that does not yet exist. Also, more than half of the jobs in the United States could be done by machines instead of people.

This revolution's emerging technologies are putting humanity's needs in the background. Profit has taken precedence over meaning. Numerous Industry 4.0 advocates have begun to recognize this shift and the public backlash. 

This will happen slowly because the 5th Industrial Revolution will have to adapt to the changes made by Industry 4.0.

When people gather to discuss the next step in progress, the "next big tech thing" is a common topic of conversation. Seldom do these individuals discuss how these new technologies can benefit humanity in every aspect. 

This will no longer be the case during the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

Humans And Technology

The objective of the fifth industrial revolution is to integrate humans and technology in such a way that they work closely together and mutually benefit in countless ways. 

Rather than placing the emphasis on profit, a number of experts hope humanity and purpose will once again take precedence. 

They promoted the concept "Blockchain + AI + Human = Magic" at Davos in 2019. AI would create new human labor productivity, blockchain would help the unbanked with banking, robotics will help humans support ROI with purpose, and many other claims were made.

During the 5th Industrial Revolution, there will be an emphasis on putting faith in technology and ensuring that it is used for the benefit of humanity rather than for profit alone. 

Industry 4.0 is feared for replacing humans in the workforce with technology. The 5th Industrial Revolution intends to reintroduce humans into the workplace. 

This revolution asks how we can make the world a better place rather than how we can increase efficiency and productivity.

It is essential to note that this new revolution will coexist with Industry 4.0, evolving as new technologies emerge. Industry 4.0's changes and advancements will require the Fifth Industrial Revolution to adapt. 

Incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations as progress targets, its goal is to integrate these new technologies into our way of life to create new opportunities and make life better.

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