All Temperature Types Regarding Pressure Transmitter

All Temperature Types Regarding Pressure Transmitter

Media Temperature 

Pressure sensors can be used in many challenging environments that may be exposed to severe temperatures, but are expected to be used reliably and predictable. 

Media temperature shows the allowable temperature range of the media that we intend to measure its pressure.

Also, it is defined as the minimum and maximum temperature that the sensor process connection and diaphragm can measure. 

The media measured by the sensor are liquid or gas. Media temperature can have significant effects on the reliability and accuracy of the measurement of pressure sensors. 

When choosing a pressure sensor the common concern is the performance of the sensor in various temperature conditions and the media temperature range that is greater than the suitable minimum and maximum media temperatures. 

There are significant errors in the pressure measurement or complete failure of the sensor if it is installed in an environment that is exceeding the specified ranges. 

There is material separating the media temperature from the sensitive electronics located in the sensor's body including a built-in cooling element with metal fins, siphon, and diaphragm seal.

Operating Temperature 

Operating temperature Indicates the temperature of the sensor when the sensor is on and measures pressure. 

It expresses the minimum and maximum temperature that the sensor's body, or housing, can endure. If the sensor is in an environment that is out of the temperature range, its failure is likely to increase and can lead to permanent damage. 

Operating Temperature

Since the body of most pressure sensors is made of metal, and metal is a good conductor of heat, the heat will be conducted by the process connection into the case of the sensor. 

Temperature limitations of the electronics and other components within the body of the sensor determine the operating temperature specification.

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Ambient temperature 

The average temperature surrounding the equipment or other object whether inside or outside it at any given moment and is directly related to the equipment is called the ambient temperature. 

Accurate and reliable measurement of ambient temperature leads to better performance and longer equipment life and allows instruments to operate at peak efficiency. 

Ambient temperature measurements are a crucial factor in increasing the longevity of devices, preventing malfunctions, and avoiding damages. 

A pressure transmitter with a built-in cooling mechanism can be used in the processes with high temperatures. This cooling mechanism operates based on the conduction and dissipation of heat to the surrounding air around the pressure sensor. so it is an important factor that the ambient temperature is lower than the process temperature.

Storage Temperature 

It is the maintenance temperature of the sensor when the sensor is off and inactivated. Keeping the sensor in the storage temperature range allows the sensor to be less susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures in inactive mode and operate more accurately during operation. 

The storage temperature range is wider than the operating temperature.

Storage Temperature

Compensated Temperature 

Compensated Temperature is the range of temperature at which the sensor will have the most accurate and least error output and the sensor limits the temperature error to a determined level. 

In order for the sensor to always function accurately, the sensor must remain in the compensated temperature range.

This is a range at which the sensor can accurately eliminate and compensate all effects of temperature changes on the measured value delivered by a sensor.

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