How To Use An Anemometer

How To Use An Anemometer

To set up a digital anemometer, you should read the instructions in the instruction manual. The instructions guide you on how to configure and read your anemometer. There is a battery that you must place on the back of the device. Then, remove the back battery compartment and put the battery inside. When the battery is installed, use the power button facing the front to turn on the device and start tracking the airspeed. Most anemometers are available with different options of measurement. You can select desired measurement units such as

  • km/hour
  • mid/hour
  • ft/second
  • ft/minute
  • and knots

Reading A Digital Anemometer

  • To do this, hold the device in the air and make sure it faces the wind direction.
  • An open area free of any obstacles gives you accurate readings.
  • The measurement value will show on the display screen. This value continues to change until you monitor the airflow because the wind speeds up and slows down through wind gusts.

How To Calibrate An Anemometer

Anemometers should get regularly calibrated to ensure they are reliable and precise.

Calibration is checking the accuracy of a measuring tool and the adjustment to coordinate it with the standard. Also, it determines the ability to trace the measurement.

When equipment goes under calibration, it can produce more accurate results.

Regular calibration of devices is essential because their accuracy will decrease over time and with use. The allowable frame of the calibration error for an anemometer is 5 % - any error beyond that would potentially affect the tool's operation, which could lead to responsibility for the product's failure. 

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