Autonics Cylindrical Capacitive Sensor CR Series

Cylindrical Capacitive Proximity Sensor

•  Detect various materials including metal, iron, stone, plastic, water, and grain

•   Built-in sensitivity adjuster for convenient configuration

•   Red LED operation indicator 

•   Ideal for level detection and position control

Autonics Cylindrical Capacitive Sensor CR Series
EAC certification for CR series proximity sensor

The Cylindrical Capacitive Sensor for Industrial automation

The Autonics CR series cylindrical capacitive sensors are capable of detecting any material. The only condition is that their dielectric should be different from air. These sensors which are manufactured by Autonics company, can detect conductive and non-conductive materials. Some examples of these materials are metal, iron, stone, plastic, water, and grain. You can adjust almost all cylindrical capacitive sensors, using their sensitivity adjuster. It's how you can adjust their detecting distance. This feature makes a capacitive sensor ideal for application in various environmental settings.

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Selected Applications From Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining Industry

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