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Temperature Controller Thermistor and Humidity Input, 2 Relay Output - SU-1133BH

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500.00 Grams


Samwon Thermostat Temperature and Humidity meter - SU-1133BH

2 Relay output, Thermistor + Humidity input sensor, Attach sensor


The SU-1133BH is the Samwon digital temperature and humidity controller that is ideal and accurate tool for measuring and controlling both temperature and humidity at once . This thermostat features 2 screens, 1 ON/OFF relay output for temperature control, and 1 ON/OFF relay output for humidity control. The input sensor are thermistor  and humidity sensor, and the first and second outputs are relays that can operate on both AC (100~240V) and DC (12V, DC24V optional).

Other important features of SU-1133BH include the ability to calibrate the input values, change the relay mode to H to increase the temperature and humidity and C and D to decrease the temperature and humidity, adjust the cut-off and connection band of the relays, and the delay time of the relays.

This automatic temperature controller provides:

  • External Dimension: (W) 78mm × (H) 138mm
  • Thermistor + Humidity Input sensor
  • 2 Relay output
  • -50 ~ 99.9 ℃ Temperature measure range
  • 0 – 100 % RH Humidity measure range
  • F.S 0.3%, ±3% Precision
  • Controller installation environment conditions:

                             Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50℃

                             Ambient Humidity: Less than 85% RH

  • Supply voltage: AC 100 ~ 240 V (50/60Hz) ± 10%

Industries / applications

  • The incubator
  • The greenhouse
  • The Pool

Series Information

Samwon SU1133 Series

Temperature and Humidity controller

The Samwon SU1133 series is a specialized series of temperature and humidity controllers. They go as low as -50℃ to as far as 200℃.

SU1133 Series Main features

  • Thermistor / Thermistor+Thermistor / Thermistor+HUMIDITY Input sensor
  • Attach Sensor
  • Temperature control via a SV value (SU-1133t)
  • Control via a sensor deviation : Operated when the value detected by 2 kinds of sensors is different from the setting value (SU-1133tt)
  • Thermistor + HUMIDITY Control (SU-1133th)

About Samwon Eng

"Samwon Eng" is a Korean manufacturer of world-class timer, counters, and digital controllers. They also manufacture temperature and humidity controllers, industrial software and various other digital control meters. They established their organization on 11th November 1994 and their research institute in 1995. Located in the city of Kyung-Nam, South Korea, they are constantly improving their product range through constant R&D and maintaining culturally rich, environment-friendly, and honest management to ensure not only their products are exemplary but their workplace standards are as well.

This company represents 3 SU1133 series models:

  • SU-1133b: Thermostat
  • SU-1133b2: Differential temperature controller
  • SU-1133bh: Temperature and humidity controller

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty
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Additional Information

Input Sensor:
Measure range:
-50~99.9℃, 0~100%
F.S 0.3%, ±3%
Basic form Power Supply:
AC100~240V(change rate of permission power ± 10%)
Option Power Supply:
DC12V, DC24V
Basic form OUT1:
Relay output(AC250/10A, DC12V, A contact), Conversion of Cooling control(C), Heating control(H), Possibility of conversion into ON/OFF control and proportional control
Option OUT1:
SSR out(DC12V)
Basic form OUT2:
Relay out(AC250/2A, DC12V, A contact), Conversion of Cooling control(C), Heating control(H)
Option OUT2:
SSR out(DC12V)
(W) 78mm × (H) 138mm
Panel size:
(W) 75mm × (H) 135mm
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