SENTRY Environmental Testing tachometer ST723

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  • Sentry Tachometer ST723
  • Sentry Tachometer ST723
  • Sentry Tachometer ST723
  • Sentry Tachometer ST723


ST723 from Sentry is a tachometer that offers accurate capabilities for measuring and recording the rotational, linear and surface speed. The non-contact concept is applied to both models in the series for the hard-to-reach environment. Meanwhile, the easy-to-handle palm-size designed for users who like to maneuver it with the traditional methods by contacting the object while the most accurate data is needed.

ST723 from Sentry comes with the following properties:

  • Non-Contact and Contact Mode.
  • Laser Sighting Operating Range up to 40 inches / 100 cm (Laser).
  • Auto Ranging / Fixed Decimal.
  • Tripod Mounting Bushing.
  • Low Battery Indicator.

Brand Information

Sentry Optronics Corp. where the motto is Excellence, Innovation, and Satisfaction. As being an outstanding designer & manufacturer for Infrared Technology, they are committed to exceeding their customer’s requirements and providing the highest grade of technical support. They are always on the cutting edge of technology and integrate the engineering, quality, manufacturing, and sales closely to become an impeccable developing team. They have earned a long-standing relationship with their clientele. They believe in providing their customer base with total satisfaction.
They are situated in China with two manufacturing plants, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty.
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Additional Information

Rotation Speed (non-contact):
6.0 - 99999 rpm (rev/min).
Rotation Speed (contact):
6.0 - 25000 rpm (rev/min).
Surface Speed (contact):
0.6 - 2500.0 M/M (m/min), 0.7 - 2734.0 Y/M (yard/min), 23.6 - 98425 I/M (inch/min), 2.0 - 8202.1 F/M (feet/min)
Length (contact):
0.1 - 9999.9 M (m), 0.1~10936 YD (yard), 0.3~32808 FT (feet).
Total number of revolutions:
1-99999REV (rev).
6.0 - 5999.9 rpm: ±0.01% and ±1 digit, 5999.9 - 99999 rpm: ±0.05 and ±1 digit, Surface Speed, Length 0.5%and ± 1 digit.
Laser diode.
6.0 - 9999.9: 0.1 RPM. 10000 - 99999 rpm: 1 RPM.
Response Time:
1 second.
Operating Temp.:
0~50oC (32 to 122oF), 10 to 90% RH.
Auto Power Off:
Automatically after approx. 30s.
40 Points.
Battery Type:
9V (006P, IEC6F22, NEDA1604).
182 x 49 x 29 mm (7.17'' x 1.93'' x 1.14'') Include Contact Adapters.
95g (3.35oz) Approx (without battery) Contact Adapters : 50g(1.76oz).
Standard Accessories:
9V Battery, Instruction manual, Cone adapter, Funnel adapter, Contact adapter, Master Wheel (10cm), Reflective tape 15x525mm (0.59”x20.67”), Carrying Case.
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