Robotic promo solution for retail stores

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  • Robotic promo solution for retail stores
  • Robotic promo solution for retail stores


Delivery Robot for retail stores

Revolutionizing Retail Promotion: Autonomous Robots Redefining Engagement

Deploy autonomous delivery robots for consumer outreach and store product promotion, offering a unique advertising experience. Our promotion robot is tailored to assist retail stores in showcasing products uniquely and engagingly. With multiple trays and cutting-edge technology, this robot effortlessly cruises around the store, highlighting products of your choice. The promotion solution guarantees a memorable experience, boosting sales, and enhancing store promotion.


  • Enhanced Store Promotion: Utilize a charming robotic solution for friendly store product promotion.
  • Interactive Customer Engagement: Employing an AI camera for human detection, our solution proactively interacts, drawing increased foot traffic to your store and merchandise.
  • Extended Operational Period: Benefit from a long uptime with a lithium iron phosphate battery lasting 2000 cycles, delivering up to 14 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.
  • Efficient Multi-Robot Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication between robots, fostering collaborative efforts in expansive areas.



  • Marker-less Operation: Deploy without wall markers, utilizing code-free deployment for hassle-free setup.
  • Smart Obstacle Avoidance: Navigation algorithms with LiDAR and 3D depth cameras provide advanced environmental perception and intelligent obstacle avoidance.
  • Customizable Route and Waiting Setup: Configure each promotional position and advertising timing along the route according to your preferences.
  • High Payload Capacity: Multiple serving trays can effortlessly handle up to 30 kg of promotional goods.
  • Remote-Control Mobile App: Operate via a mobile app supporting 3/4G Network and Wi-Fi, facilitating multi-robot communication for efficient control.
  • Independent Suspension Chassis: Capable of handling delicate and irregularly shaped goods, the 6-wheel independent suspension ensures stable and secure delivery.


Facilities to benefit from promotion:

  • supermarket
  • toys store
  • consumer electronics
  • candy shop
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Warranty Information

1 years
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