Ring Proximity Sensor 22mm sensing hole diameter, PNP & NPN NO/NC - SIR22-KP2

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150.00 Grams


RiKO’s SID22-KP2 is a square (ring type) sensor. It has in-ring sensors and sensing is made within the hole itself. The sensor is activated when a metallic object is introduced in the hole. This type of sensor is particularly suitable for applications where detection of small metal objects such as screws, nuts, washers etc is required, also for break detection of metal wires that pass through it. This inductive ring switch from RiKO comes with the following features:
  • Special line-out design for bending resistance and tensile. It will upgrade the durability and life.
  • Special square (ring type) design.
  • Suitable for detection of tiny metal passing.
  • Pigtail type connector makes easy disconnection.
  • The IP67 rating is designed to the effective waterproof.
  • Large LED indicator for checking, indication of clear working operation.
  • Setting by +/- button.

Brand Information

RiKO OPTO-ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. founded in 1988, is a professional Fiber Optics Sensor / Photo Sensor / Proximity Sensor/ Capacity Sensor manufacturer in Taiwan. They have been committed to offering the highest quality and best products solving their customers' needs for industrial automation from the beginning.

Through aggressive R&D and introduction of new products, they have become a leading manufacturer for the global market. Their brand, RiKO has had an excellent reputation for developing and supplying reliable products around the world, where customers also benefit from their wide range of services.

Data Sheet

In order to view the inductive ring switch, SID22-KP2 datasheet, please Click Here.
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Warranty Information

One Year
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Additional Information

Pre-wired Ø4.2
Sensing hole diameter:
Minimum detecting object:
3 mm min
Current consumption:
Load current:
100mA max at DC 24V
Operating Voltage:
DC 12~24V
Approx 81g
Protection degree:
Operating temp:
Output method:
Wiring method:
NP: Ø4.2x2M/4- wires
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