Proximity Sensor M30, NPN NO - DW-AD-701-M30

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100.00 Grams


Contrinex inductive proximity sensor M30, NPN Normally open NO DW-AD-701-M30

Standard output, 3-wire type, Embeddable, 20 mm sensing distance


The DW-AD-701-M30 has housing size of M30 and the mounting type is embeddable. This proximity sensor has Stainless-steel V2A housing material and has the enclosure rating IP 68 / IP 69K.


Connection of the DW-AD-701-M30 inductive proximity sensor is 2 m cable. This cable material is made of PUR and it is a 3 wire connection.

Sensing specifications

The diameter of DW-AD-701-M30 sensing side is 30 mm and the sensing distance for this proximity sensor is 20 mm.

Control output

The control output of this products is Normally open NPN with switching frequency of 125 Hz and the input for this proximity sensor is 10 to 30 VDC.


Ambient operating temperature for DW-AD-701-M30 proximity sensor is from -25 to +85°C and temperature drift is ≤ 10% Sr.

Industries / applications:

  • Counting parts in a system.
  • Automatic car washes.
  • Detection of broken metal parts of various industrial devices.
  • Detection of elevator door closure.
  • Car body assembly.
  • Production of coils and transformers.
  • Automated industrial processes.
  • Identify the smallest changes in the gears of metal gears.
  • Measure and control speed.
  • Detection and detection of mechanical movements.
  • Separation of metal parts.
  • Measurement and calculation of thickness in metal parts.
  • Measuring and calculating the distance from the parts.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Traffic lights and road traffic control.
  • To detect the presence of an object in a selected program and at the time of inspection.
  • Conveyor system control.
  • 3 important points in choosing the inductive proximity sensor.
  • Inductive proximity sensors only detect metal objects.
  • Strong magnetic fields affect the performance of inductive proximity sensors.


series Information

Metal proximity sensor

Metal proximity sensors have a one-piece, stainless steel housing and are exceptionally robust and chemically resistant. They are not only the most durable inductive sensors on the market, but also offer long operating distances on any conductive metal. These sensors are sized from Ø 4 to M30 and cuboid variant of 20 x 32 x 8 mm, with long operating distances up to 40 mm and protection class IP 67 and IP 69K. Metal proximity sensor technology family includes devices from the Basic, Miniature, Extreme, High Pressure, Wash-down, Weld-Immune, Chip-Immune, Double-Sheet and Maritime ranges.

Key advantages

  • World class performance in extreme environments.
  • Extremely robust one-piece, stainless-steel housing.


In order to download the Contrinex inductive proximity sensor M30, NPN Normally open NO DW-AD-701-M30 datasheet, Please Click Here.
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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty.
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Additional Information

Operating distance Sn:
20 mm
Housing size [mm]:
Normally open (NO)
Standard output
PUR, 2 m, 3 wire
Supply voltage:
10...30 VDC
Switching frequency max. [Hz]:
Housing material:
Stainless-steel V2A
Enclosure rating (IP):
IP 68 / IP 69K
Operating pressure [bar]:
≤ 40 bar
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