Pressure Sensor 0~1000 bar 4-20 mA HOTH1000FGCK

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  • pressure sensor,4-20mA,pressure switch,gauge,0~1000 Bar
  • measuring air pressure, water pressure, oil pressure and gas pressure.
  • pressure sensor,4-20mA,pressure transducer,0~1000 Bar
  • pressure sensor,4-20mA,pressure transmitter,0~1000 Bar
  • pressure sensor,4-20mA,sensor,gauge,0~1000 Bar
  • pressure,4-20mA,pressure switch,gauge,0~1000 Bar


HOTH1000FGCK 0~1000 Bar 4-20mA

The HOGLLER Pressure Transducer 0~1000 with output 4-20 mA is made form high quality stainless steel 304 which can supply 10-32 VDC, intended for use in the measurement of gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel in all industrial applications.

Pressure Transducer
0~1000 is suitable applications such as industrial hydraulics, industrial pneumatic, refrigeration off-road, construction and agricultural applications.

HOGLLER strain gauge sensing element coupled with the latest ASIC circuitry, assures excellent accuracy, choice of high level outputs and long stability, protected within a rugged, stainless steel housing.

The HOGLLER high strength stainless steel construction contains non-silicone oil and no internal 'O’ rings. This pressure transmitter is available in gauge pressure, with range
0~1000 and is backed by a one-year warranty.
HOTH1000FGCK can be used for measuring air pressure, water pressure, oil pressure and gas pressure.

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Additional Information

0~1000 Bar
4 - 20 mA
10 - 32 VDC
IP 66, optional IP69K
Response time:
(10..90%) t(ms)1
Overrange pressure:
up to 2x rated pressure
Burst pressure:
up to 5x rated pressure
Pressure cycles:
> 10 million
Reverse voltage protection:
Housing incl. wetted parts:
304 stainless steel
Measuring medium:
Compensated range:
1000 G, 11 msec., 1/2 Sine
25 G peak, 20 to 2000 Hz
Connection Type:
G 1/4“ Male
Pressure Unit:
gauge pressure
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