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Microsensor Co., Ltd is one of the oldest and best sensor/ transmitter/ flow meter manufacturers in China. It has a good reputation, and the market share ranked No.1 for decades. It started Its overseas business in 2007. After a long time of development, It has accumulated a rich customer base and project experience. It has served customers in more than 100 countries around the world.


Business Scope: Sensors, Instrumentation, Computer Software and Systems 
Address: No. 18 Yingda Road, Baoji 721006, Shaanxi, P. R of China 
Number of Employees: 503 

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Tools for the Systems of Water Treatment

Monitoring the Level of Bulk Cryogenic Tanks

Remote Monitoring of the Fluid Level of Tanks



Baoji, China 
• Sensor Business Division 
• Transmitter Business Division 
• Flowmeter Business Division 

Xi’an, China 
• R&D Center Microsensor  
• IoT Tech. Co., Ltd

Dusseldorf, Germany
• Microsensor GmbH

Corporate Culture

Mission: working with customers, employees, shareholders and partners, MicroSensor contributes to the large-scale development of automated measurement and control; dedicated to the scientific and technological progress of society.
Vision: century Enterprise, Global Corporation
Philosophy: honest and trustworthy, shared responsibility, shared resource, win-win cooperation, shared future.
Core Value: People-oriented, supply quality products for society.


Parent Company
• 1971 founded Baoji Qinling Transistor Factory. Semiconductor Power Meter/Indicator
• 1991 name changed Baoji Qinling Electronic Instrument Company; Indicator/Electronic Scale/ Sensor/Pacemaker
• 1997 name changed Shaanxi Qinming Electronics (Group) Co. Ltd.; Sensor/Heart Pacemaker/ Indicator/Machining
• 2000 reformed Shaanxi Qinming Electronics (Group) Co,, Ltd.; Consulting Service and Property Management


• 1993 founded Microsensor Co., Ltd. (joint venture). Eastone Control Technology Inc.
• 2015 reformed Microsensor Co., Ltd. (share holding).
• 2016 listed National Equities Exchange and Quotations(New OTC Market)


• 2013 holding Wuxi Sencoch Co, Ltd. MEMS chip/ Consumer Sensor
• 2015 founded Microsensor Co., Ltd. Xi’an Branch. R&D Center/International Sales
• 2018 founded Microsensor GmbH. Sales and Service
• 2019 founded Microsensor IoT Tech. Co., Ltd. Sales and Service


Global Market

95 countries and areas are included in the global market.


Pressure Sensors

With over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing oil-filled pressure sensors, Microsensor offers a wide range of pressure sensors with gauge, absolute, and differential pressure. Their pressure sensors offer different diameters, ranging and materials, etc.


Oil Field | Gauge | Absolute | Differential Pressure  

• Silicon oiled, Fluorinated oiled  
• -100kPa~0~7kPa….100MPa  
• Φ12.6mm, Φ15mm, Φ17mm, Φ19mm 
• SS316L, Titanium, Tantalum, Hastelloy C 
• Constant voltage supply, I2C output  
• CE, RoHS



Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters, also called pressure transducers, are pressure measuring instruments that convert the pressure change into a proportional standard output signal. There are many different types of pressure transmitter but what Microsensor offers, and specializes in, is the piezoresistive pressure transmitter. Pressure transmitters must give long term, consistent and stable performance.


Pressure | Level | Temperature | Diff. Pressure | Transmitter | Switch | Controller  

• General, ship-use, high temperature, economic, sanitary, smart types  
• -100kPa~0~2.5kPa….100MPa  
• Analog/digital signal, wireless communication  
• Used for hydro power, petroleum, chemical, city water supply and drainage, food, medicine, environmental protection, etc. • CE, RoHS, UL, ATEX, DNV, Exia, Exd



Flowmeters also form an important part of their portfolio for flow measurement. With a 37m high water tower, they can calibrate their flow meter not only using the master meter method but also by using the static mass method, which ensures high accuracy. Their product portfolio includes reliable electromagnetic flowmeters as well as ultrasonic and vortex flowmeters. 


Electromagnetic | Ultrasonic | Vortex Street | Turbo | Orifice | Venturi  
• DN6~DN2000  
• Current, pulse, wireless, digital output  
• Used for petrol, chemical, metallurgy, power supply and drainage, steel, food, textile, environment protection, municipal • Administration, hydro power, etc.  
• CE, Exia, Exd


Smart IoT

Data Terminal | Remote Monitor  

• Wireless communication, NB-IoT/2G/4G/LoRa 

• Battery supply, ultra-low consumption  

• Multi-point monitor in the wide area  

• Used for water supply and drainage pipe network monitoring, groundwater monitoring, dam monitoring, fire control and industrial process monitor, etc.

• Microsensor Data Platform



As the first one who self-designed and produced piezo-resistivw pressure sensors in China, being the world top-class sensing and measuring specialist is always our mission. Microsensor Co., Ltd., focuses on technical development, mass production and technical services in industrial and control areas, providing specified product solutions of fluid media measurement for customers over 90 countries in process control, smart manufacture, smart city and precise industries, etc.


• Hydropower
• Hydrology
• Environmental Monitoring
• Underground Water

Smart manufacturing
• Oil & Gas
• Food & Beverage
• Engineering Machinery

Smart city
• Smart Firefighting
• Municipal Water Supply
• Municipal Pipeline Network
• District Heating
• Environmental Health

Precision control
• Aviation & Watercraft
• Industrial Gases
• Leakage Detecting


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