LAE Temperature & Humidity Controllers Refrigeration Controllers AD2-28C1S5E-B

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230.00 Grams
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit


AD2-28C1S5E-B from LEA Electronics is a versatile split refrigeration controller. Some of its application includes:

Upright refrigerators, plug-in, and supermarket display cases, cold stores, control panels.

AD2-28C1S5E-B from LEA Electronics comes with the following features:

  • Cyclic defrosts.
  • Synchronized defrost start and termination with the master-slave connection.
  • Selectable NTC10K or PTC input.
  • FLEXICOLD function for energy saving or alternative set point.
  • Optional control of a second compressor or evaporator.
  • Excellent evaporator fan control.
  • Absolute or relative temperature alarms, door open alarm, condenser high temperature/pressure alarm.
  • Light and standby control (On/Off).
  • Connection to LAE supervisory systems.
  • Available display unit: LCD-5S or RU33.


Brand Information

LEA Electronics are global manufacturers of professional and commercial high-performance regulators to operate refrigerators, blast chillers, and freezers, dough-retarder provers, ovens, air conditioners, compressed air dryers.

They have proven to be leaders in the designing of customized controllers based on the technical specifications and design of the system to be controlled. For over thirty years, LEA Electronics has supported innovative changes requested by some of the most reputable world manufacturers.


Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

-50…120°C, -55…240°F
0.1 / 1 °C; °F
NTC10K: <±0.3°C (-40.0÷70.0°C) PTC1000: <±0.5°C (-50÷120°C)
Sensor type:
Selectable NTC10K standard mod. SN4B20P1/P2/P3 or PTC1000
Power supply:
230V~ ±10% 50÷60Hz 3W
Ambient temperature:
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