Fully Automatic Equipment Robot Teapresso Shop

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  • Fully Automatic Equipment Robot Teapresso Shop
  • Fully Automatic Equipment Robot Teapresso Shop


Fully Automatic Equipment Robot Teapresso Shop

The MOCA series robot barista kiosk is designed for indoor applications, adhering to the traditional coffee-making process using an espresso machine, coffee grinder, coffee tamper, and more. The entire coffee-making process is executed automatically by a collaborative robot arm. The foldable maintenance window design adds convenience for daily maintenance and repairs.

Functions of the robot teapresso shop MTD021A include:

  • Touchscreen ordering
  • Automated coffee making by a collaborative robot arm
  • Coffee art printing
  • Foldable maintenance window
  • Vision and sound interaction
  • Real-time monitoring of kiosk inner hardware status and fault alarms
  • Android-based operation management system
  • Real-time display of balanced materials and material supplement reminders
  • Analysis and export of consumption data
  • User and ordering management
  • NFC payment
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Additional Information

220V 1AC 50Hz/60Hz
Power Installed:
Dimension (WxHxD):
2500x2150x2000 mm
Application Environment:
Average Drink Making Time:
180 seconds
Maximum Cups:
300 cups
Cup Size:
8oz and 12oz
Ordering Method:
Touch Screen Ordering
Payment Method:
NFC Payment (Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal)
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