Fiber Optic Amplifier BF4R

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The BF4 series fiber optic amplifiers feature high-speed response times and various functions to provide reliable detection of small or fast-moving targets. The units feature convenience functions such as auto-sensitivity adjustment and advanced features including mutual interference prevention and self-diagnosis function. The amplifiers can be used together with fiber optic cables from Autonics for optimal performance.

BF4R from Autonics is a digital display fiber optic amplifier with NPN output, auto-tune, and beam source: Red LED (660nm).

BF3RX from Autonics comes with the following properties:

  • High-speed response. Max. 0.5ms.
  • Auto-sensitivity setting (button setting)/Remote sensitivity setting.
  • External synchronization input, mutual interference protection, self-diagnosis.
  • Reverse power polarity and short-circuit (over-current) protection circuit.
  • Timer function: selectable none/40ms OFF delay timer (fixed).
    (standard type, remote sensitivity setting type only)
  • Automatically selectable Light ON/Dark ON.
  • Precise detection of small targets and complicated places to install.


Product Specifications



  • Response frequency

Max. 0.5ms (frequency 1). Max 0.7ms (frequency 2).

  • Power supply.

12-24VDC ±10% (Ripple P-P: Max 10%).

  • Current consumption

Max. 45mA.

  • Light source

Red LED (Modulated).

  • Sensitivity Adjustment

Sensitivity Adjustment button (ON/OFF).

  • Operation mode

Automatic selection of Light ON/Dark ON accordance with button setting.

  • Control output

NPN/PNP open collector output.

  • Load voltage max. 30VDC.
  • Load current max. 100mA.
  • Residual voltage –NPN: Max. 1V (load current 100mA), Max 0.4V (load current 16mA)/PNP: Max 2.5V.
  • Self-diagnosis output

On state under unstable setting (when the target stays for 300ms in the unstable area)

On state when control output short-circuited.


  • Load voltage max. 30VDC.
  • Load current max. 50mA.
  • Residual voltage –NPN: Max. 1V (load current 50mA), Max 0.4V (load current 16mA)/PNP: Max 2.5V.
  •  Input of stop transmission function


  • External synchronization function


  • Remote sensitivity setting function


  • Protection circuit

Reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit (over-current) protection circuit.

  • Interference prevention function

Built-in differential frequency mode (set by frequency 1 or 2 by on/off button).

  • Indicator

Operation indicator: Red LED. Stability indicator: Green LED ON when the target stays in stable sensing level.

  • Timer function (Selectable)

Built-in OFF delay timer, Approx 40ms fixed.

  • Insulation resistance

Min 20MΩ (500VDC mega).

  • Noise strength

The square wave noise by noise simulator (Voltage ±240V. period 10ms. Pulse width 1µs).

  • Dielectric strength

1000VAC 50/60 Hz for 1 min.

  • Vibration

1.5mm amplitude at a frequency of 10~55Hz in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours.

  • Shock

500m/s2 (50G) in X, Y, Z directions for 3 times.

  • Ambient illumination

Sunlight: max. 11,000Ꙇx.Incandescent lamp: max. 3000Ꙇx.

  • Ambient temperature

-10~+50◦C (at non-freezing status).

  • Storage temperature


  • Ambient humidity

35~85 RH.

  • Storage humidity

35~85 RH.

  • Material

Case: heat resistant ABS. Cover PC.

  • Cable

Ø4 4-wire, Length: 2M.

(AWG22, core diameter: 0.08mm. no. of cores: 60. Insulator out diameter: Ø1.25mm).

  • Unit weight

Approx. 65g.

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