Calibration Plate for Vision Sensor 200 x 151.7 x 4 mm

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ZCP 200-13x15-X01
0.05 Grams


Sensopart Calibration Plate for Vision Sensor 200 x 151.7 x 4 mm

Precision calibration plate for accurate and reliable sensor measurements.

The SensoPart ZCP xx-13x15-X01 is a precision calibration plate for VISOR® vision sensors. It features 15x13 points and crosshair reference marks, making it ideal for calibrating a wide range of vision sensors. The plate is made of durable materials and is designed to withstand repeated use.


  • 15x13 points
  • Crosshair reference marks
  • Precision design for accurate and reliable measurements
  • Durable materials for long-lasting use


  • Calibrating VISOR® vision sensors
  • Ensuring accurate and reliable sensor measurements
  • Improving the accuracy of industrial processes

The SensoPart ZCP xx-13x15-X01 Calibration Plate is an essential tool for any business that uses VISOR® vision sensors. It helps to ensure that sensors are calibrated correctly, resulting in accurate and reliable measurements. This can lead to improved product quality, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.

Brand Information

Sensopart was created in 1984 and since then it has achieved many milestones as a company and has reached new levels of success each and every day. Opto-electronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors are the signature brand for the company and Sensopart is considered as the innovative supplier of them and holds the international reputation in the supply of Opto-electronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors.

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One Year Warranty
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