What's The Scope Of Industrial Management in UAE

What's The Scope Of Industrial Management in UAE

What Is An Industrial Engineer?

The industrial engineer is quite a broad time. People consider it as a simple manufacturing engineering job, but the truth is it is wider and broader than that. Industrial engineers have their work in all sorts of industries ranging from transportation, media, Healthcare investment banking, and many others. The main task of industrial engineering is to optimize everything.

What Is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering derives all of its focus on business aspects and provides a great impact on different kind of organizations and the processes which are involved with them along with systems and operations. If you are an industrial engineer, you will keep searching out until you find the best way to make a product service or a process easier and faster. You will be carrying out intensive Research and Analysis for the completion of things in a safer, more efficient, and budget-friendly way. You will then implement those strategic and Technical solutions to serve your organization the best kind of benefits. Industrial engineers drive all their focus on enhancing profitability, customer service, and the quality of products in order to better serve their clients.

Requirements For The Industrial Engineering Careers

Along with having a degree in industrial engineering, you need to have the technical ability. And must acquire a rational approach to solve different kinds of problems. You need to have the ability to dive into the depths of a problem. Industrial engineers need to have exceptional mathematical skills along with the ability to make logical and statistical decisions. They need to develop expertise and Excellency in mathematical principles, Ecology, physical science. Social Sciences, equipment, and resources in order to analyze the solutions in ineffective ways possible.

Industrial engineers need a mixture of Technical, scientific analytical skills, and they make use of all the above-mentioned factors to make significant positive changes in the sales and the quality of the products. The industrial engineer manages a project and assigns responsibilities of what will be done by whom and when? He or she also decides how things are supposed to be done and how employees can do it better.

Industrial engineers are also meant to fasten up the production and distribution process by using they’re going into depth capability. And do the meticulous analysis and are all about making the positive changes.

eduvision states that,

“Industrial Engineers' scope is very high as they are in virtually every industry today. Chemical industries, Manufacturing, technology, hardware, and healthcare, every factory or industry has jobs for industrial engineers. As these all are big companies and industries, these pay high salary packages to the industrial engineers.

Job Market of Industrial Engineering :

Transportation manufacturing industry

Professional, scientific and technical services

Computer and electronic product manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing industry

Fabricated metal product manufacturing industry”

Where Do Industrial Engineers Work?

Industrial engineers basically create efficient ways of using a system that encapsulates workers. Machine materials, information, and energy to make a product or provide a service in the best ways possible. The work for the industrial engineers is quite diverse, and if you are asking. Where do industrial engineers work? Here is your answer.

They might be working in offices or in the areas they are trying to improve things up. Let's take an example if there is a problem occurring, and the industrial engineers will be seen with the workers assembling parts in a factory. While solving a problem the industrial engineers can be seen with the computer in office looking at the data which they have or others have gathered and integrated to drive out the best possible solution.

What Is The Kind Of Work And Industrial Engineer Does?

Industrial engineers have a wide variety of tasks. They review productions, casual specifications how the process will execute and other information to finally get a good know how of the methods that are used and all of the other activities that take place in the domain of manufacturing and services.

They also find out how to manufacture parts of products and Provide smooth services with efficiency and accurateness. They also create a management control system to get the most out of financial planning and also perform a cost analysis. They also develop quality control procedures to solve the problems that occur during production. And find out the ways for the minimization of the cost.

They also intact design control system to provide a good condition among the activities and production planning. So that all of the products that are being made will meet the quality standards. Also co-ordinate with that clients about the product description, vendor about purchases, people on management level about manufacturing capability and co-ordinate with other members of the project for the smooth execution of the project.

Industrial engineers are also responsible for the design of a system that does evaluation of the job performances of the employees, the transportation of goods from a company to the customer. They also find out the most beneficial places to set up manufacturing plants. They also design systems for the movement of heavy parts within manufacturing plants.

Here is also one thing to consider that some industrial engineers are also called manufacturing engineers, and the manufacturing engineers totally focus on the automation of the different manufacturing processes involved. Manufacturing engineers develop and design the manufacturing systems for the better utilization of computer network, robots and materials.

Industrial engineers drive all the attention towards the more efficient way of getting work done. They work out on balancing different kinds of practices like the technology that is being used along with the human resources for turning raw material into the final product. They try and focus on carrying out a process with no errors, and ensure worker safety, utilization of minimum cost, and environmental concerns. The diversity of industrial engineers’ expertise enables them in the engagement of different kinds of activities. That is beneficial to a diverse range of businesses, governments, and nonprofits. Industrial engineers also engage in supply chain management for the minimization of the product cost, also conduct Quality Assurance activities, so the businesses are able to keep their customers satisfied. They also work in the project management domain to control the cost of the production and the maximization of the efficiencies.

Scope Of Industrial Management In UAE

The possibilities of industrial engineering jobs are very vast. It has its part in every domain. Industrial engineers are working in the fields of the latest technology they work in manufacturing technology, hardware Healthcare. Industrial engineers have a greater scope in almost all of the above-mentioned fields, and more industrial engineering has come across as the most demanding job for 2016. There is a vast scope of industrial management in the UAE.

Industrial engineers have technical abilities along with the business ones they also know about logistics, supply chain management, and analytics by acquiring business expertise. They have a good grasp of making business decisions. Industrial engineering and business aspects go with each other perfectly.

At first, the scope of Industrial Management was just to the manufacturing side. And then later, it got diverse and also encapsulated the non-manufacturing activities like construction, transportation, and farm and airline operation. Maintenance, public utilities, Government, and military operation.

If we talk about an industry. Along with the manufacturing part, there are also departments working alongside the production line and these departments involve marketing finance, purchasing, Industrial Relations, etc. The application of Industrial Management is quite fast. It basically revolves around four stages, which is a production planning, production planning, and control quality assurance and the steps necessary for the improvement of processes and services. The pre-production planning involves where to find and where to place the plant where it would be more beneficial—then designing the plant layout, and after that, there comes the selection of machinery and equipment. Production planning is all about every aspect related to manufacturing that involves planning, routing, scheduling, dispatching, and controlling the product.

Quality assurance refers to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of all the goods produced. The industrial engineers do this by making up standards and checking up the produced products t within a specific period, and if there are any variances and deviation encountered, they send it back for the quality quantity, and functionality is properly reserved.

best colleges state that,

“Industrial engineering is a thriving industry in the modern American economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment for industrial engineers will increase by 10% between 2016 and 2026, faster than the average rate of growth for the rest of the economy. Certain related occupations should experience even more rapid expansion. For example, the BLS projects that demand for management analysts, a career path that requires similar skills in production and systems analysis, will increase by 14% during that same period. In addition to strong job prospects, this field offers exceptional salaries. In 2018, industrial engineers earned a median salary of $87,040, roughly $48,000 more than the median salary for all other jobs.”

26th Jun 2020 Syed Furqan Ali

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