Tannery uses access control barrier at gateway to automated stock area

Tannery uses access control barrier at gateway to automated stock area


A tannery uses Safetinex access control barriers to protect the entrance to its automated stock handling area. Safetinex access control barriers detect any operator entering the area and stop the leather stock moving at high speed in the automated handling system. Furthermore, damage to company vehicles and the stock handling installation itself is also avoided.


The tannery concerned uses an automated stock handling system. The items are handled at high speed and present a certain danger to operators interacting with the system as well as to factory vehicles approaching any moving parts. Access to the area therefore needs to be protected, while at the same time the area must remain easily accessible. The protection system must not obstruct traffic or slow down operations unnecessarily. It must therefore be largely hands-free and of minimum complexity to operate. This application meets the criteria for active opto-electric protection.


Safetinex YCA access control barriers satisfy all the demands of the application. To eliminate the possibility of injury to workers or damage to vehicles entering the stock handling area, the customer has fitted two pairs of YCA-50#4-4400-G012 access control barriers with a protective height of 1232 mm, one pair at each access point. A basic YRB-0131-241 safety relay was fitted as the system switching device in manual restart mode. Hence, any person or vehicle intercepting the light beams will stop the dangerous movement of the stock handling system. The reliability of this protection system is guaranteed by a fail-safe electronic design with permanent autocontrol.

27th Jan 2019 S.Abedi

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