Smart City Projects In Dubai

Smart City Projects In Dubai

Dubai is establishing a global model of the city of the future as it strives to become the world's largest laboratory for technology and research and development. Dubai is the leading city in the world to use artificial intelligence to help people. It is also trying to become the world's largest laboratory for technology, research, and development.

The leading smart city initiatives in the UAE

Regarding the widespread application of technology, Dubai has always been a shining example of innovation. It's as if a whole science fiction film has come to life in a single urban area. Dubai's recent adoption of cutting-edge technology has made headlines in recent years, overshadowing the distinctive architecture that has always made this city the ruler of the Middle East. From drone taxis to firefighter jetpacks, Dubai residents will have already incorporated virtually any technological advancement into their daily lives. The following are some of the most important projects:

Hyperloop Dubai

The construction of a high-speed Hyperloop transportation service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is likely one of the most exciting smart city developments occurring in the UAE. Using advanced electromagnetic technology, the Hyperloop would be an environmentally friendly mode of transportation capable of traveling 150 kilometers in 12 minutes. It is also considered the first operational hyperloop route. Spanning 139 kilometers (86 miles) takes about an hour and a half so the Hyperloop will make a significant difference.

It is easy to comprehend why Dubai and Abu Dhabi topped the Middle East and North Africa region of the 2019 IMD Smart City Index, which ranked 102 cities. This recognition reflects the dedication and progress made by the United Arab Emirates in establishing the digital infrastructure necessary for becoming a smart nation. There is no turning back now.

Mars on Terra

Dubai prepares for the Red Planet by constructing a Martian city in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. It is the beginning of the UAE government's epic 100-year Mars colonization plan and will house 600,000 people.

Terra's three primary objectives are inspiring people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, combat climate change, choose solar energy, use water more intelligently and sustainably, and more.

Firefighters with jetpacks

Dubai equips its firefighters with jetpacks to accelerate emergency procedures. Firefighters with jetpacks can avoid the traffic in the city and turn up at the emergency scene earlier than expected. The Dolphin device is equipped with a jet ski, a jetpack, and a firehose. This device permits firefighters to utilize the city's waterways to extinguish fires.

Oasis Eco Resort

Due to the scope of their plans, Dubai is a brilliant city. On the one hand, we see jetpacks and drones, while on the other hand, green technology is emphasized. Consider this 2020 resort development as an example. It will be the most eco-friendly resort in the world, located in Liwa in the southern United Arab Emirates. The project intends to build a resort around a natural spring and extensively use environmentally friendly technologies. This project is distinguished by its solar-powered roof.

The resort in Liwa is not the only one developing green technology. Dubai's mega solar park will transform the city into an environmental powerhouse for decades. In 2030, once construction is complete, the park should generate 5,000 megawatts. At its center will be a 260-meter (853-foot) solar tower. Possibly, it will be the tallest solar tower in the world.

Autonomous air taxi (volocopter)

In recent years, transportation has undergone significant innovation. With its concept of autonomous air taxis, Dubai goes one step further. The two-seater operates without a pilot and is environmentally friendly.

The Autonomous Air Taxi has several distinguishing features, including the highest security and safety standards and multiple redundancies in all critical components, including the propellers, motors, power source, electronics, and flight controls. In addition, it is outfitted with optional emergency parachutes, nine separate battery systems, and a battery quick-charge and plug-in system. It takes two hours to charge in the prototype fully, but this time will be significantly reduced in the final version.

UAE 'Costa Drone Drop'

Dubai successfully tested Costa Coffee's drone delivery service. Dubai and Costa Coffee deliver iced coffee directly to the beach, while the rest of the world is still trying package delivery. Orders were placed by phone and delivered within 15 minutes to beachgoers. The refreshments were provided directly to customers via a drone developed by Costa.

The Dubai Police Department's Robocop

This robot will patrol the city's busy areas and keep an eye out for criminals to aid Dubai's police force. Robocop is a government experiment that, if it works, will make up 25% of Dubai's patrol force by 2030.

This type of robot can operate continuously. These robots will not ask you for leave, sick leave, or maternity leave. It can work around the clock.

Autonomous police cars

These autonomous police vehicles can launch drones when they detect criminals. Dubai intends to employ these vehicles as part of its high-tech police force to keep a closer eye on things.

Autonomous vehicles can deploy drones and utilize artificial intelligence to anticipate criminal activity. When patrols are equipped with machine learning, they can "talk" directly with police operation rooms. These cars will help fight crime better.

The future rainforest hotel

Dubai plans to construct a hotel with an integrated rainforest, which may sound strange. The Rosemont Hotel & Residences will be comprised of a 75,000-square-foot rainforest with a beach, splash pool, stream, and hiking trails. This is ingenuity! While we try to live greener lives at home with smart gardens, Dubai wants to create a tropical atmosphere in a hotel.

Even with its artificial islands, underwater villas, ski slopes, and skyscrapers that break records, Dubai's construction projects still seem to be able to surprise people with how strange they are.

21st Dec 2022

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