Miniature inductive sensor detects jaw position for high precision robot gripper

Miniature inductive sensor detects jaw position for high precision robot gripper


A leading producer of powered handling components for the automation industry supplies gripper systems to end-users throughout the world. To ensure maximum flexibility and reliability for end-users, particularly regarding space constraints when mounting the grippers, Series 300 miniature (3 mm diameter) inductive sensors are supplied as an accessory.


Gripper systems for the production and assembly of small parts must work with precision and permanent reliability over short cycle times. In the automation industry, increasing miniaturization with ever more compact form factors leaves less room for sensor technology in machines and equipment.

Small-part grippers have steel jaws on which user adjustable cams are mounted for the precise querying of position. The cams move exactly as the jaws do, so the point at which the cams enter a sensor’s detection range is set as the predefined gripping point for actuation of the jaws. This reliable method of position querying allows optimal use of gripping power. Limited working space demands compact construction of both gripper and sensor, with possibilities for individualized mounting and connection. The sensor must also have high repeat accuracy and excellent reliability.


Miniature range inductive sensors from the Classics family match this application perfectly. As the smallest self-contained inductive sensors on the market, they solve even the most demanding end-user applications regarding space constraints and reliability. With a diameter of 3 mm, these miniature sensors are ideal for small grippers in confined spaces. Due to fully integrated evaluation electronics, they are just as efficient as large sensors. High switching frequencies (up to 5000 Hz) easily cope with the short cycle times of small-part gripper applications.

When mounted opposite the cam on the gripper jaw, the Series 300 sensor defines and transmits jaw position precisely. A switching distance of 0.6 mm in steel and repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm ensures reliable jaw position sensing and gripping point optimization. An integral LED immediately indicates when the cam is within the switching range. The stainless steel housing meets protection class IP67, enabling the customer to solve rugged applications for gripper system end-users.

22nd Jan 2019 S.Abedi

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