For many specialist professions, the engineering industry can offer a wide range of job prospects. Industrial and manufacturing engineers are two engineering specialties that combine technical understanding, managerial prowess, and production experience. Manufacturing engineers and industrial engineers execute separate functions and meet different objectives, despite having certain similarities. You can work in industrial or manufacturing engineering, especially in the United Arab Emirates. It might be among your best choices.

What Is Engineering?

There is a traditional definition of engineering that we hear every day, so let's consider it from a new angle. In engineering, we apply many scientific methods, ideas, and technologies to construct or design something that has a wide range of views. This something might be a device, a building, a bridge, a tunnel, a home, or anything else.

Who is a manufacturing engineer?

Manufacturing engineers are experts who create, run, and maintain specialized equipment and integrated systems for executing specialized manufacturing processes and creating consumer goods. These specialists spend the majority of their time in factories and manufacturing facilities, where they may design and create systems like robotics, technical and mechanical applications, computer networks, machine parts, and tools, as well as production and material-handling equipment. As a result, they frequently collaborate with other engineering experts to guarantee the high quality of the systems required to meet organizational goals.

Who is an industrial engineer?

The expert in charge of creating strategies to enhance organizational processes is an industrial engineer. To identify the technology, equipment, and personnel required for raising productivity, they examine the operations of organizations across a variety of industries. Industrial engineers can work in a wide range of fields, but their main goal is to improve business and management practices in order to increase profits, customer satisfaction, and product quality.

Similarities between manufacturing and industrial engineers

Industrial and manufacturing engineers perform and assume duties that are similar despite differences between the two engineering specialties. For instance, both engineers use cutting-edge software to organize, start, and finish crucial tasks related to their jobs. This is an example of how they put their technical skills to use. Both types of engineering careers can also be similar in a number of other ways, such as:

  • Leadership responsibilities: industrial and manufacturing engineers manage, direct, evaluate, and support staff in leadership capacities. They often help staff improve performance, effectiveness, and productivity by planning and carrying out processes in a strategic way.
  • Project management: Manufacturing engineers frequently lead group initiatives to finish equipment or machine parts. Industrial engineers have a specialization in project management, which helps them manage teams of engineers and workers as they finish manufacturing processes.
  • Management of quality control standards is a common requirement for both engineering specialties. Industrial engineers often oversee quality control for both manufacturing and organizational processes. Manufacturing engineers, on the other hand, may be in charge of quality control procedures when building machines.
  • Research and analysis tasks: Industrial and manufacturing engineers both conduct research, analyze data, and test novel operational and manufacturing process streamlining strategies. Also, they each put plans into action after analyzing and judging the systems that were already in place.
  • Oversight of the manufacturing process: Both engineers supervise all phases of the manufacturing process and work to enhance every aspect of the business in order to produce higher-quality equipment and develop more effective manufacturing processes.

Industrial And Manufacturing Engineering Scope

Given that industrial engineers can work in any industry, their scope is quite broad, and they are currently in high demand. They can have connections to the healthcare sector, the finance sector, the technology sector, the entertainment sector, and a wide range of other industries.

Because industrial engineers, as I've already mentioned, can work in any industry, the scope of industrial and manufacturing engineering is very broad in the United Arab Emirates. They may work in the chemical, manufacturing, hardware, and other industries.

Industrial engineers are employed in almost every industry. Many large corporations are constantly looking for industrial engineers. They already pay and are willing to offer higher salary packages to industrial engineers who have excellent ideas for doing things in the future.

  • How to design production-centered activities;
  • How to set a time limit so that efficiency can be increased to its maximum level and there is a time and cost cap.

The world is becoming increasingly product- and parts-focused, which is causing the field of industrial engineering to expand. Industrial engineers know a lot about how to design and make different kinds of goods, as well as how to make sure that services are delivered in the best and most efficient way possible.

In addition, industrial engineers are in charge of quality control. They help a lot with lowering costs, finding mistakes in the process, and all other problems that have to do with production.

Engineering Sector in 2022

If you're interested in becoming an engineer, you should be aware of some of the engineering specialties that are in great demand right now. These include traditional subjects like civil engineering, which is still valued today, and petroleum engineering. However, there are several brand-new industries that are expanding quickly and on a far larger scale, along with information technology.

Data Science

Software engineering is one of the fields of engineering that has grown a lot over the years and doesn't seem to be affected by other fields.

Data science and machine learning are two components of software engineering that revolve around large amounts of data that are saved somewhere for later use by users in order to optimize their goods or services.

Machine Learning

Machine learning all comes down to looking at the current data and making predictions about what will happen in the following days based on those data trends.

Engineering Robotics

Robotics engineering is another branch of engineering that is expanding. If we perform the same task repeatedly, it becomes mundane and boring, so why not hire a robot to do it instead? Thanks to technological advancements, robots can now do so much more than they could a few years ago, when they could only perform welding with a single arm. Now, they are becoming more complex, and there are demanding processes like testing that they can perform.


Because people have so little free time these days, automation is often used. Due to automation, industries are improving the quality and timeliness of projects and products by doing extremely complicated activities in a very efficient and accurate manner. Automation also helps businesses reduce the overall cost of creating and producing a good.

Which engineering is in demand in the UAE?

The link between supply and demand, along with the likelihood of inflation, is something that economists will explain to you. Although this is not just restricted to goods or food, the demand for services may also be something to take into account.

There is a place for talent and services in Dubai, the largest metropolis in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], especially given that Dubai is constantly striving to raise the standard. This drive was evident in the creation of the enormous buildings, artificial lakes, and tourism destinations like Ski Dubai, among other admirable accomplishments that helped put Dubai on the map.

The demand for engineers has significantly increased in the Gulf region as the construction and infrastructure industries expand on a daily basis. Because of this, the region is now at the top of the list for encouraging the growth of engineers. This demonstrates that engineers in the UAE have good days and bad days alike, proving that the country is a good place for engineers.

Due to Dubai's constant push to create new things that shatter records, several industries there are in high demand, particularly the building sector. In Dubai right now, mechanical engineering is highly sought-after. Mechanical engineers are needed for most projects, such as those in construction, transportation, and aviation.

While Dubai now considers all engineering specialties to be gold mines, civil engineers are more closely compared to the best at the time because construction attracts more people than other areas of innovation. The UAE needs industrial and manufacturing engineers to progress industries, projects, and factories.

26th Apr 2021 Sadia Naseer

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