Engineers, whenever we listen to this word, a sudden thought strikes our mind. But if a say a sudden personality strikes in your mind, it wouldn’t be too strange. Well, I am going to leave it to your imagination. Let it be a nerd one or a wild one. Engineering has been a necessity for human survival. It has been said that when the first human came to planet earth, he learned how to plant seeds, reap, and then make flour from it. Sounds like an engineering procedure? Some of you I’ll say it food engineering or how about manufacturing engineering? Well, it happened a while ago so I shall leave it to you. From that moment on everything is surely based on Engineering.

But before I get into more details, and talk specifically about a prominent field of engineering which is Industrial and manufacturing engineering and I mention the highlights of industrial and manufacturing engineering scope. Let me first tell you

  1. What Is Engineering?
  2. Scope Of Engineering In 2020?
  3. Types Of Engineering?

Okay, well so many of you would like to consider engineering as your profession, so everyone gets an idea what engineering is? But too often they don’t know what scope does it holds and how the fields are evolving. So, let's get a small review of what is engineering, and then we will get into more details.

What Is Engineering?

So, there is a classic definition that we hear for engineering every day so let's view it from a different perspective

In engineering, we make use of different types of scientific principles, methods, and technologies to create or design something and this “something” holds a lot of perspectives. This something could either be a machine or a structure or a bridge or a tunnel or a house or anything else.

Types Of Engineering

Now there are various fields of Engineering and as we are entering into the new era of technology. The engineering is getting subdivided into more and more fields. but there are still 5 basic fields which can be considered as the core of the engineering.

Civil Engineering

The first one is called civil engineering. It is one of the most popular professions out of all the engineering professions and it is one of the ancient types of engineering that exist in this world. civil engineering accounts for the infrastructure of any city or a country. the responsibility of the Civil Engineers is to build building bridges and everything that comes under the vicinity of the infrastructure. Civil Engineering is divided into multiple structures of multiple subdivisions.

Mechanical Engineering

The second one I would like to mention is Mechanical Engineering as it is a bit understood from the name that mechanical engineering is a type of Engineering that accounts for creating and manufacturing machines and also products. Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one of the most diverse types of Engineering and Mechanical Engineers are accountable for creating almost everything. They create sensors, they create parts of the cars, they create our everyday household machines, they create spacecraft. now the Mechanical Engineering is subdivided into many engineering fields some of them are mentioned here like

  1. Aerospace
  2. Automotive
  3. Nanotechnology

and others

Electrical Engineering

The other core kind is called electrical engineering and it is clear from the name that it revolves around the electric power technology. The people associated with the electrical engineering have their working vicinity designed around electrical components, different sort of devices, and diverse systems Electrical engineers work can work on very small voltages like microchips to a high-powered generator which holds more details.

Chemical Engineering

One of the most famous types of Engineering which have a combination of Physics and also Microbiology is called chemical engineering. The Chemical Engineers have their responsibility revolving around industrial aspects of chemical, food and their processing, making of Medicines and Pharmaceuticals. There are a lot of industries that depend on chemical engineering due to which chemical engineers are always in high demand.

Industrial Engineering

the main topic of my article is industrial engineering and will be getting to know about its scope in the latter parts of the article. Industrial Engineering revolves around so many things. it includes science, it includes mathematics and it includes different sorts of things for designing equipment, a different type of information systems, and building process for the product or project delivery. People associated with industrial engineering also determine the number of people that are required for a particular project and everything related to the project. Some are given as under.

  1. How much time a project is supposed to take?
  2. What kind of processes will be followed?
  3. What are the risks involved?
  4. How the quality is supposed to be maintained?
  5. How the tackle the issues lying with the production?

Industrial And Manufacturing Engineering Scope

Industrial and manufacturing engineering scope is quite high and they are most in-demand today as industrial engineers can work in any kind of industry. They can be associated with the Healthcare industry, they can be associated with the finance industry, they can be associated with the entertainment industry, technology, and many others.

Industrial And Manufacturing Engineering scope are very high in the United Arab Emirates because industrial engineers can work in any kind of industry as I have mentioned before. They can work in chemical Industries manufacturing industry hardware and many others.

Nearly every industry holds a job for industrial engineers. There are many big companies which are always looking for industrial engineers they are already paying and are willing to pay higher salary packages for the industrial engineers which have a great idea of following things.

  1. How to design activities revolving around the production.
  2. How to set a time limit so that the efficiency can be taken to its maximum limit and there is the limitation in cost and time.

The scope of industrial engineering is blooming because the world is getting more product and parts oriented. As the industrial engineers have very good knowledge of how to produce and manufacture different sort of products and how to make sure the delivery of services that are of high quality and are highly efficient.

Industrial engineers are also responsible for maintaining control of quality. They are serious help in the reduction of the cost and also determining the errors associated with the process and all the problems that are linked with the production.

Well, if you are thinking I want to take a look at the overall scope of engineering in 2020. I have got you covered as well because my next topic would be.

Scope Of Engineering In 2020

Now if you are wanting to choose engineering as your profession then you must know some of the engineering disciplines which are in high demand today there are some traditional fields as well like there is Civil Engineering which is in high demand and petroleum Engineering which is still considered today.

but there are some new fields as well as information technology that is growing rapidly and on a much faster scale. Software engineering is one of the engineering fields that has encountered enormous growth over years and no other field seems to stop it.

Data Science

one of the aspects of the software engineering is data sciences and machine learning and if I talk about data sciences it revolves around big chunks of data stored somewhere so the user can use it in a way that they can optimize their product or their services

Machine Learning

now coming to Machine Learning. It is all about taking a look at the present data and then predicting what is going to happen in upcoming days depending on those patterns of data.

Robotics Engineering

Another kind of Engineering that is growing is the Robotics engineering you have noticed that we perform a similar task over and over again it becomes mundane and we get bored so why not hire a robot to do it as there is so advancements made in the technology there are so much a robots can do now and if I look back a few years they were only able to do the welding with the single-arm now they are becoming more and more complex and there are intense processes like testing development and designing which are going to be implemented on a robotic system so that they can be free of errors and very efficient.


Automation is heavily in use nowadays because people have very little time to do their tasks. the automation is helping Industries to perform very complex tasks in a very efficient and accurate manner and due to which they are improvising in terms of quality and on-time delivery of projects or product. Automation is also helping Industries to reduce the overall cost involved in in the making and manufacturing of the product.

If you want to do a job based upon Industrial Engineering especially in UAE then go ahead. It could be one of the best options for you.

26th Apr 2021 Sadia Naseer

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