Differential Distance For Photo Micro Sensor

Differential Distance For Photo Micro Sensor

Understanding What Photo Micro Sensor Is?

It is an optical sensor that is used to sense object position with the help of an optical instrument the type of typical photo micro sensors are transmitted photo micro sensors and reflective photo micro sensors.

Considering the difference between Trans missive photo micro sensors and reflective photo micro Sensors and photo micro sensor working principle

Following are types and photo micro sensor working principle.

Trans Missive Photo Micro Sensors

The trans missive photo micro sensors have an emitter and transmitter which are facing each other and when an object is placed in the sensing position which comes between the emitter and the detector. The object considers the optical beam of the emitter which results in the reduction of the amount of optical energy which reaches into the detector

Reflective Photo Micro Sensors

On the other hand the reflective photo micro sensors possess an emitter and detector. When the object is placed in the sensing area of reflected photo micro sensors. The object reflects the optical beam than intercepting it which happens in the transmission photo micro sensor that happens the changing amount of optical energy which basis and the to the detector.

Features Of Photo Micro Sensors

Features of photo micro sensors have been defined in the following.

The first feature is that they come in many different shapes and sizes and have different slot configuration which allows the customer to choose the best configuration that fits their needs. The other feature of the photo micro sensors is that they are offered at very low prices and the ratings of performance are subjected to the features that have been provided and also the IP degree of protection is easier to achieve in the photo micro census which make the prices reasonable.

There is an indicator that is present on some photo micro sensors that glows when the light is incident. Some of the photo micro sensors possess specific models in which the light indication is possible when the light is interrupted. This is one of the features that helps the industry most that lights indicator when light is interrupted. Another model also comes with the feature that the indicator glows when the light is incident.

General Aspects Of Photo Micro Sensors

Usually photo micro sensors are built into other equipment so providing a water proof structure is not fully required and the output current rating can also be kept low. the most of the models that are present in the industry nowadays can be operated on 5v DC power supply.

Micro sensors have their classifications in three in five different categories and the classification is made by use of sensing methods. There is the use of through beam sensors, retro reflective sensors, diffuse reflective sensors, unlimited reflective sensors that help us to classify photo micro sensors.

Autonics Photo Micro Sensor

There are a lot of kinds of Autonics Photo Micro Sensor offered. Some of the features from the manual are given below.

● Ultra compact, Built-in amplifier, NPN/PNP open collector output

● Various selection by installation position (Appearance: K, T, L, Y, V type)

● Light ON / Dark ON selectable by control terminal

● High speed response frequency : 2kHz

● Wide range of power source: 5-24VDC (Easy to connect with various IC, relay, programmable controller etc)

● Dust resistance structure : Protecting by window of emitter/receiver

● Red LED status indication

There is a question that resides how large is the differential distance for Photo micro Sensors?

The distance depends on the model, but use the following values as a guide.

2nd Apr 2020 Syed Furqan Ali

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