Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The first concern of domestic repair and maintenance professionals is to find the root of the problem before they start actual repair or maintenance of any accessory. This matter becomes more necessary when you suspect gas or water leakage in your home or office. Gas being highly inflammable substance can cause to further unexpected damage whereas at the other water leakage can damage overall infrastructure of the building if not detected properly. In all cases it’s a gas leakage, water leakage or you are experience similar problem with your freezer / refrigerator immediate action to the problem is required. To find the exact location of the leakage, modern science brings us the ultrasonic leak detector. These detectors are a must tool for any maintenance person who is offering his services for these type of problems which are mentioned above.   There are basically three types of detectors which are normally used to detect any type of leakage. The first type is sniffer type which can also be categorized as electronic or halide torch. It is normally used to detect the presence of refrigerant gas in any type atmosphere. The second type is Visual type detectors. These types of detectors make leakage area visible by making bubbles etc. The third type of detectors are listening type detectors or commonly known as an ultrasonic leak detector. Ultrasonic detectors are the most effective of three types. These detectors are mostly capable of detecting any type of leakage such gas, water, air or refrigerating gas etc.   As the name suggests, an ultrasonic leak detector detects the ultrasonic sound of any type of leak. All type of leaks emits sounds at different frequencies. These frequencies some time are too high or too low that our ears unable to hear any such sound. The main job of ultrasonic leak detector is to detect that frequency. Some leaks are of the frequency that it can be heard from several feet distance but to locate the exact location of the leak, only an ultrasonic leak detector can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Likewise most of the time the frequency of sound is at its lowest level (as low as 1psi) that it cannot be heard by human ear; again ultrasonic sound detector make the job easy by locating the exact position of the leak.   Ultrasonic leak detector units are very sensitive devices. In ultrasound category of detectors, ultra sound water detector is very useful in detection of water leakage under the ground. An ultrasonic leak detector becomes necessary at the places where swimming pools are made either residential or commercial. Because water leakage of any level in the pool; can damage entire area usage area of the pool. It is very necessary to check the water leakage periodically. Likewise in type of gas leakage is very important to be check because of its highly flammable feature. If you suspect any type of unusual smell in your kitchen, immediately call a service professional to check the gas leakage with an ultrasonic leak detector or if you have your own detector then you need to check as soon as possible.

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20th Jan 2015

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