Autonics Digital Ammeter M4Y, M5W, M4W, M4M Series

Digital Ammeter

•   RMS or AVG value selection (AC voltage)
•   7-segment LED display
•   DIN standard size models

Autonics Digital Ammeters M4Y, M5W, M4W, M4M Series

The Digital Panel Meter for industrial automation

The Autonics M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M series digital ammeters can measure electric current in amperes and display the values in numeric form. All models, manufacturwd by Autonics company, feature a 7-segment LED display for clear indication of measured values. The meters can display RMS or AVG values based on user preference (AC voltage). User-friendly functions including auto-zero adjustment and hold display value functions are included (except M5W). The meters are available in various standard DIN size cases for convenient installation.

Main Features

  • Max display value : 19999 (M5W), 1999 (all other models)
  • Auto-zero adjustment and hold display value function (except M5W)
  • Output options : indicator only, single setting output, dual setting output

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