Autonics Counter & Timer Counters CT6S-1P2

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220.00 Grams
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1 unit


The CT series digital counter/timers from Autonics are integrated units with functions of counters and timers. The units feature various input/output operation modes and load contact capacity up to 5A for flexible applications in diverse industries. The RS485 models allow remote parameter configuration and monitoring via PCs. The CT series is available in 4-digit and 6-digit models in 3 Standard DIN sizes (48 × 48, 72 × 72, and 96 × 96 mm).

The CT6S-1P2 from Autonics is a counter and timer with 6 digits 7 segment LED, W72 x H72, 1 preset, and relays + NPN output, 24-48 VDC / 24VAC.

The CT6S-1P2 from Autonics comes with the following upgraded functions:

  • DIN W48 x H48mm, W72 x H36, W72 x H72 counter/timer.
  • Available to set 6 digits (0.00001 to 999999) pre-scale value (4 digit 0.001 to 9999).
  • Built-in MOBUS communication function (communication model).
  • Available to set the one-shot output time in 10ms (0.001 to 9999).
  • Increased contact capacity to 5A (CTS, CTM series).
  • Available to set Count Start Point (initial value).
  • Improved to select memory protection function in the indicator.
  • Added BATCH counter function (CTM series).
  • Added counter UP-1/UP-2, Down-1/Down-2 input modes.
  • Added counter TOTAL/HOLD operation modes in the indicator.
  • Added timer TOTAL/HOLD/On-Time display operation modes in the indicator.
  • Added timer INT2/NFD.1/INTG. Output modes.
  • Added timer range 9999.999s/9999m59/99999.9h.

Brand Information

“Autonics” is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. They develop and manufacture a wide range of automation products that are marketed worldwide. Their core products include various sensors, controllers, and motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems, connection equipment and more. Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices.


With 12 international offices in South Korea, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Autonics is able to provide comprehensive automation solutions for their customers across the globe.


Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Digit size:
Single preset 10mm.
Digit size:
Single preset 7mm.
Power supply:
Single preset 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power supply:
Single preset 24VAC 50/60Hz/24-48VDC.
Allowable voltage range:
90 to 110% of voltage rated.
Power consumption:
Single preset Max. 12VA.
Power consumption:
Single preset AC max. 10VA/DC Max: 8W
INA/INB max. counting speed:
Selectable 1cps/30 cps/5k cps/10k cps.
Min. input signal width:
Counter Reset signal. Selectable 1ms, 20ms.
Min. input signal width:
Timer INA, INB RESET: Selectable 1ms, 20ms.
Selectable Voltage input or No-voltage input. [Voltage input] input impedance is 5.4KΩ, ‘H’ level: 5-30VDC, ‘L’ level 0-2VDC. [No-voltage input] short-circuit impedance Max. 1kΩ, residual voltage, Max.2VDC.
One-shot output:
Count, timer: Selectable 0.01s to 99.99s.
Control output:
Without com. Solid-state output Dual preset: 1NPN open collector. Single preset: 1NPN open collector.
Control output:
Without com. Solid-state output ----.
Control output:
Without com. Contact output 250VAC, 5A resistive load.
Control output:
Without com. Solid-state output 30VDC Max. 100mA max.
External sensor power:
12VDC ±10%, 100mA max.
Memory retention:
10 years (when using non-volatile semiconductor memory type).
Repeat error Power ON start: Max ±0.1 0.01%, 0.05s. Signal start: Max ±0.01%, ±0.03s.
SET error Power ON start: Max ±0.1 0.01%, 0.05s. Signal start: Max ±0.01%, ±0.03s.
Voltage error Power ON start: Max ±0.1 0.01%, 0.05s. Signal start: Max ±0.01%, ±0.03s.
Temp. error Power ON start: Max ±0.1 0.01%, 0.05s. Signal start: Max ±0.01%, ±0.03s.
Insulation resistance:
100MΩ (at 500VDC megger).
Dielectric strength:
2000VAC 50/60Hz for 1 min.
Noise strength:
±2KV the square wave noise (pulse width: 1µs) by the noise simulator.
Mechanical 0.75mm Amp. at freq. 0f 10-55Hz (for 1min.) in each X, Y, Z directions for 1 hour.
Malfunction 0.5mm Amp. at freq. 0f 10-55Hz (for 1min.) in each X, Y, Z directions for 10 min.
Mechanical 300m/s2 (approx. 30G) in each X, Y, Z directions for 3 times.
Malfunction 100m/s2 (approx. 10G) in each X, Y, Z directions for 3 times.
Relay life cycle:
Mechanical Min. 10,000,000 operations.
Relay life cycle:
Electrical Min. 100,000 operations.
IP65 (front panel only).
Ambient temp. -10~55◦C, storage -25~65◦C.
Ambient humidity 35-85% HR, storage: 35-85% HR.
Unit weight:
Approx. 159g.
Communication Specifications:
Mobus RTU (16 bit CRC).
Connection method:
Application standard:
Compliance with EIA RS485.
No. of connections:
31, it is available to set address 1 to 127.
Communication method:
Half duplex.
Synchronous method:
Communication distance:
Within max. 800M.
Communication speed:
2,400, 4,800, 9,600, 19,200, 38,400bps (Factory default: 9600bps).
Response waiting time:
5-99ms (factory default: 20ms).
Start bit:
1 bit (fixed).
Data bit:
8 bits (fixed).
Parity bit:
None, even, odd (factory default: none).
Stop bit:
1, 2 bit (factory default: 2 bit).
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