Analog Proximity Sensor M18, 4 wire, Semi-flush - IS 518-02A

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IS 518-02A
IS 518-02A
51.00 Grams


SensoPart Inductive sensor with analog output - IS 518-02A

Quasi-flush, 4-wire, M18 x 50 mm Dimensions


The SensoPart analog proximity sensor IS 518-02A features short-circuit protection (Q) and overload protection protective circuits. This sensor comes in a round cylindrical shape, sensing distance of 0 to 10mm, sensing side diameter and housing size of M18 and quasi-flush installation. The standard cylindrical inductive sensor can be used in diverse applications requiring non-contact detection of metallic objects. The typical inductive sensors can be used in diverse applications requiring detection of metallic objects.

As a quick report, this analog proximity sensor provides:

  • M18 x 50 mm Dimensions
  • Quasi-flush Mounting
  • 10 mm Switching distance
  • ≤ 0.3 mm Repeatability
  • 0 to 200 Ω Load resistance
  • 15 ... 30 V DC Operating voltage, +UB
  • ≤ 10 mA No-load current, I0
  • 1 Switching output


The IS 518-02A has housing size of M18 and the mounting type is Quasi-flush. This proximity sensor has Brass, chrome-pated housing material and has the enclosure rating IP 67.


Connection of the IS 518-02A analog proximity sensor is cable. This cable is a 4 wire connection.

Sensing specifications

The analog proximity sensor sensing side is M18 and the Switching distance for this proximity sensor is 0 to 10 mm.

Switching output

The switching output of this products is analog (current) and the analog output for this proximity sensor is 0 to 10 V / 4 to 20 mA.


Ambient operating temperature for IS 518-02A proximity sensor is from -10 to +60°C.

Industries / applications:

  • Robotics
  • Assembly and handling
  • Factory automation
  • Mechanical engineering


Series Information

Typical inductive sensors

Inductive sensor

Due to their functional principle, inductive sensors are exclusively suitable for detecting metal objects. But they do this extremely reliably and are also very robust and resistant (e.g. regarding environmental factors such as high pressure or contamination), which makes them interesting for numerous industrial applications. They are mainly used wherever the detection of uniform movements is involved – for example as proximity switches for determining the position of moving machine parts such as saddles or hydraulic cylinders, for measuring rotary speeds on vehicle crankshafts, or as pulse generators for motor ignition.

Inductive sensor Main features:

  • Reliable detection of metallic objects
  • Product versions for standard or increased switching distances
  • Robust housing variants in metal, plastic or completely made of stainless steel
  • Different designs for flush, quasi-flush and non-flush mounting
  • Variants with IO-Link 1.1 or analog output - IO-Link sensors can be operated in IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode

About SensoPart

"SensoPart" concentrates on the development, production, and marketing of optoelectronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation. We also offer inductive and ultrasonic sensors. Our products are used in numerous applications and sectors from automotive and machine construction, through the electronics and solar industries, to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Their production sites are located in Weiden (Southern Black Forest) and Gottenheim (near Freiburg), while their subsidiaries are located in countries like USA, France, UK, and China with more than 40 distributors worldwide and 190 employees worldwide, SensoPart believes that believe that dependability is essential, they take responsibility for their activities, and they value close and trusting relations within the company as well as with their customers and business partners.


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty.
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Additional Information

M18 x 50 mm
Switching distance:
0 ... 10 mm
≤ 0.3 mm
Operating voltage, +UB:
15 ... 30 V DC
No-load current, I0:
≤ 10 mA
Min. load resistance:
0 Ω
Max. load resistance:
200 Ω
Protective circuits:
Short-circuit protection (Q) / overload protection
Analogue output:
0 ... 10 V / 4 ... 20 mA
Enclosure rating:
IP 67
Material, housing:
Brass, chrome-plated
Type of connection:
Cable, 4-wire
Article number:
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