Temperature Controller SD96M

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  •  temprature controller SD-96M, Samwon,Samwon Digital
  •  temprature controller SD-96M, Samwon,Samwon Digital Temperature,temprature controller


SD series from Samwon Eng. is a multifunctional range of temperature and humidity controllers. With a variety of features, these sensors are ideal for industrial and automation processes. Listed below are the features of the SDseries.

  • Multi-Input: Thermocouple 5, Thermo-scope resistor 1, DC voltage 2, Direct current 1, Sensor input of 9 kinds of humidity sensors, etc.
  • Output: relay output 3 (Standard), Electric current Output 2(Option), SSR Output (Option).
  • RS485, RS232, RS422 transmission (Option): free provision of a monitoring program (use of 20 ea) for demonstration.
  • Output current limitation: A function to limit the top/bottom of output current value.
  • Simple operation: Simplification of each function to easily set it by hiding and minimizing complicated functions.
  • Control method: PID control (setting up direction/inverse), ON/OFF control (setting up direction/inverse).
  • Heater disconnection alarm and sensor disconnection alarm.
  • 10 kinds of alarms.
  • ON/OFF timer output function.

SD-96M (RRRN) from Samwon Eng. is a temperature controller with 3 outputs and no-communication mode. Input configuration can be read in the operational manual.

Product Specifications




SD-96M (RRRN).

  • Input

Thermocouple 5, Thermo scope resistor 1, DC voltage 2, Direct current 1, Sensor input of 9 kinds of humidity sensors, etc.

  • Output

Relay output 3 (Standard), Electric current Output 2 (Option), SSR Output (Option).

  • Output1


  • Output2


  • Output3


  • Transmission

No transmission.

Brand Information

“Samwon Eng” is a Korean manufacturer of world-class timer, counters, and digital controllers. They also manufacture temperature and humidity controllers, industrial software and various other digital control meters. They established their organization on 11th November 1994 and their research institute in 1995. Located in the city of Kyung-Nam, South Korea, they are constantly improving their product range through constant R&D and maintaining culturally rich, environment-friendly, and honest management to ensure not only their products are exemplary but their workplace standards are as well.

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