Fork Sensor

Fork Sensor

Fork sensor- discover even the most minor optical deviations.

A fork sensor, also known as a slot sensor, is U shaped and includes an optical transmitter and receiver in one frame. It may be fast adjusted. As soon as the light beam from the sender is interrupted by an object, the switching output will be switched. Because of the life of a targeted and accurate optical beam, the fork sensor can discover even the slightest optical deviations. The presence of various sizes, smooth and direct installation, and excellent environmental mild immunity are some of the blessings of this version of sensors.

Fork sensors are used to count tasks in feeding, assembly, and handling packages. Different utility examples include belt parts and guide tracking. The sensors are distinguished using a high switching frequency and an accurate and precise optical beam. This lets for dependable detection of high-speed methods.

The housing manufactured from distortion-resistant dielectric zinc ensures the lengthy-time period balance of the optical axis. No time adjustment is needed because the transmitter and receiver are already aligned. The sensitivity can be adjusted intuitively through the potentiometer. 

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