Information About Thermopile Electric Generators(TEG)

  • Thermopile Electric Generator Thermopile Electric Generator.A thermopile is thermocouple junction pairs connected together electrically in series. One junction or set of junctions is active and the other, called the reference is kept at a constant temperature as a control point.The thermoelectric effect can be utilized to generate electricity also. According to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, unmanned probes launched to explore deep space have been powered by thermopile generators. Heat from decaying radioactive isotopes creates electric current through a thermopile to power the spacecraft.

How it works

TEGs are made from thermoelectric modules which are solid-state integrated circuits that employ three established thermoelectric effects known as the Peltier, Seebeck and Thomson effects. It is the Seebeck effect that is responsible for electrical power generation. Their construction consists of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple. These thermocouples are then connected electrically forming an array of multiple thermocouples (thermopile).

21st Jan 2015

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