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Digital Probe Thermometers Digital thermometers are the most commonly used temperature measuring instruments in the food industry. They are easier to read than glass thermometers, generally more accurate than the older dial-type thermometers based on bimetal coils, have a great range of specialized uses and applications and tend to have a much quicker response-time. Digital probe thermometers are generally of two types: thermocouple digital thermometers and thermistor digital thermometers.

Thermistor-based Digital Thermometers

Thermistor digitals generally have "built in" probes and sensors. They must be calibrated during the manufacturing process and so are not interchangeable. Thermocouple digitals, with some exceptions, can accept any matching category of probe (the two most common are K-type and T-type--these have different temperature ranges). We concentrate on K-type only, since this type spans all food application temperatures, and has more availability of probe options.

Accuracy can be very good with both types, but thermistor digitals are limited to the type of built-in probe they come with, and if the probe breaks, you have to buy a new thermometer.

Thermocouple digital thermometers are generally very predictable in their quality, and the response characteristics of their fitted probes is within a very narrow range. All QA stocks the highest quality thermocouple digital thermometers, so they can be used with high confidence.

Thermistor digitals are made worldwide, and can have variable quality, if not carefully checked. All QA performs checks of all of their thermistor-based products to ensure that their customers are getting products of excellent quality More items… Can you submit more information? 

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20th Jan 2015

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