Digital Panel Meters Selection Guide

How to Select The Best Digital Panel Meters- 2019 Ultimate Guide

Digital panel meters are instruments used to display digital input signals from a sensor. Digital panel meters come with a greater resolution and functionality as compared to the analog meter panel. They are easier to read display even in low lights. It allows for the reading of different signal inputs; temperature, voltage, current, resistance, and AC and DC power.

This guide will give you all the important information you need to help you purchase the perfect digital panel meters in Dubai. Consider the following while buying one;

1.Output Functions

Digital meter panels come with several output functions;

  • Basic – it is the digital for all the digital meter panels. It converts an input signal from a system sensor to a displayed value.
  • Analog – This is when the machine produces an analog output like a variable current or voltage same to the signals displayed in analog systems.
  • Setpoint – allows a user to set an input to activate other control units or an alarm when reached.
  • Data interface – it is where the user gets to interact with the data by reading and interpreting the values.


Most digital panel meters tend to include additional features to improve the basic functions. Some of these features include;

  • Alarms – alarms can either be visual or audio tunes used to indicate when a certain set figure is reached. This is important in ensuring accuracy and avoiding lapse.
  • Adjustable display – panel meters that come with different display options allow you to set the one you prefer the most.
  • Serial/USB ports – these allow you to connect the meter to external hardware like computers and analysis tools through the serial and USB connectors.
  • Setpoint options – some meter panels provide for the option of setting limit points based on variables like humidity, pressure, temperature, and speed. Temperatures tend to get so high, and setpoint options will come in handy when using digital panel meter in UAE.
  • Off/on control – this is where the meter sends an output signal to either start or stop a process when the desired unit is achieved.


The type of digital meters in Dubai is determined by the function you want to perform with it. They are generally divided into two types based on lighting technology and display. These are;

  • Display Technology

Digital meters come in two different displays types; alpha-numerical for displaying both letters and numbers. It is used in providing information on several units and channels. Numeric displays numbers only.

  • Lighting Technology

Just like display, there are two types of lighting options for the digital meters; Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Light Emitting Diode (LED). The LCD tends to consume less power, and can only display in the with backlighting in the dark, while LED display is visible in the dark.


These are some of the specifications you need to consider when purchasing a digital panel meter;

a) Size

The size of the digital panel meter is important in reading the measurements, a large one gives you enough space for clear measurement readings. The size of the panel is determined by how compatible the panel face is to the material it is mounted upon.

The face size is measured by width and length and rated in millimeters and inches.

b) Colour

Most digital panel meters come with Red as the default display color even though you have the option of setting the meter according to your preference, and the environment you operate in. The color in LED meters is determined by the diodes used while LCD meters' colors are determined by the backlight on the black digits.

Some of the display color options include; green, amber, blue, red, orange, aqua and yellow. You can also choose to use multiple colors on a single panel meter to help in easy identification when measuring multiple units.

c) Number of digits

The number of digits refers to the numbers that can be displayed for every measurement. The number of digits is determined by the significant numbers according to the units you are working with. A number that reads past the number of digits gets round off to the nearest upper limit or intermediate values.

Safety Precautions

All the digital panel meters come with a set of safety precautions that you must follow for your safety and correct use of the machines. You need to read them carefully before you launch the meter.

  • Correct use precautions

There are 3 different units for correct use precautions;

a) Noise

  1. Do not install the product near devices that produce strong surges or high-frequency fields.
  2. Install noise filters or surgical on adjacent noise generating devices.
  3. Separate the product using terminal blocks, wiring ducts and conduits from high-current or high-voltage power lines. Avoid wiring it in a bundle or parallel to power lines.

b) Temperature

  1. Monitor the voltage and current output when using a noise filter. Install the filter close to the digital panel meter.
  2. To avoid reception interference, install the product away from television sets, radios and wireless devices.

c) Water resistance

All products are not waterproof unless specified with the IP []0 protection indications.

  • Safe Use Precautions

There are several precautions for safe use that comes with digital meter panels to look into. Some of these include;

  1. Avoid using the product in locations exposed to direct radiant heat, places where the product can come into contact with oil or water, exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and excessive vibration and shocks.
  2. Install the product in spacious spaces for heat control.
  3. Use the product within the specified switching capacity and conditions, and related electrical and load life span.
  4. Do not remove or attach connectors to the device when turned ON to avoid malfunction.
  5. Do not pull or bend the device communication cable using excessive force to avoid damages.
  6. Avoid connecting anything to unused terminals.
  7. Make sure you connect or wire anything in the terminals after confirming the polarity and name.

You are assured of meeting all your digital panel meter in the UAE needs only if you work with an experienced and reliable dealer. You can trust to provide you the very best in digital panel meters. We look to give you the best deals for your satisfaction. We have a team of skilled and experienced technicians, easily reachable anytime on the phone, email or over the internet for directions on purchase and use. Contact us now!

31st Jul 2019 S. Abd

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