Autonics High Performance PID Temperature Controller TK Series

High Performance PID Temperature Controller

•   High Speed Sampling
•   Simultaneous Heating & Cooling Control
•   Output selection
•   (Standard/Phase/Cycle Control)
•   RS485 Communication (Modbus RTU)
•   Dedicated Software
•   Set Parameters With PC

Autonics High Performance PID Temperature Controller TK Series

The temperature controller for industrial automation.

The Autonics TK series high performance PID temperature controllers feature high-speed sampling cycle rate of 50 ms with ±0.3% display-accuracy. The controllers offer high precision temperature control with features such as simultaneous heating and cooling control and automatic/manual control options. The all-purpose temperature controllers are available in various sizes and input/output options, for stable and precise temperature control of any required application.

Main Features

  • New line-up : AC/DC low voltage type (except TK4N models)
  • 50ms high-speed sampling rate and ±0.3% display accuracy
  • High luminance LED display with large PV and SV characters
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling control function
  • Automatic/manual control option
  • Switch between current output and SSR drive output
  • SSR drive output (SSRP function) control options : ON/OFF control, cycle control, phase control
  • Communication output models available : RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Parameter configuration via PC (RS485 communication)
  • - DAQMaster software included (comprehensive device management software)

    - Communication converter sold separately : SCM-US (USB to serial converter), SCM-38I (RS-232C to RS485 converter), SCM-US48I (USB to RS485 converter)

  • User-friendly parameter features
  • - Parameter mask : hide unnecessary or seldom used parameters

    - User parameter group : group frequently used parameters for easy access and configuration

  • Various input types and temperature ranges
  • Heater disconnect alarm function (CT input)
  • - Current transformer (CT) sold separately : CSTC-E80LN, CSTC-E200LN, CSTS-E80PP

  • SV preset function (up to 4 set values) using digital input terminals
  • Available in various DIN sizes : (48×24, 48×48, 72×72, 96×48, 48×96, 96×96mm)
  • Terminal protection cover sold separately : R◻A-COVER (except TK4N, TK4SP models)

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50ms High-Speed Sampling Rate

The 50ms sampling cycle rate of this Autonics Company products allows ideal temperature control in applications requiring high-speed response rates.

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling Control

The controllers can simultaneously control heating and cooling elements, providing efficient temperature control.

Switch Between Current Output and SSR Drive Output

Depending on the application, users can select between current output and SSR drive output through parameter configuration.

SSR Drive Output (SSRP Function) Control Options

Users can select from ON/OFF control, cycle control, and phase control using standard SSR drive output option. Precise and accurate control is possible at low costs.

User-Friendly Parameter Configuration

Parameter configuration is easier with user-friendly features including parameter mask function and user parameter group function

Terminal Protection Cover (TK4N)

The TK4N models feature terminal protection covers to prevent electric shock and short-circuiting

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