Autonics High Performance Digital Pulse Meter MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W Series

High Performance Digital Pulse Meter

Autonics High Performance Digital Pulse Meter MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W Series

The Digital Panel Meter for industrial automation

The Autonics MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W series high performance digital pulse meters can display various values using pulse inputs including rotation speed, speed, frequency, and more with 16 different operation modes. These meter products, which are manufactured by Autonics company, can be applied in various industrial applications for accurate measurement and clear readings. *Select features of the MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W series have been upgraded. Please refer to the specifications table for upgrade details.

Main Features

  • 16 operation modes

    - Frequency/revolutions/speed, passing speed, cycle, passing time, time interval, time differential, absolute ratio, error ratio, density, error, length measurement 1, length measurement 2, interval, accumulation, addition/subtraction (individual input), addition/subtraction (phase difference input)

  • Various output options

    - Relay triple/quintuple output, NPN/PNP open collector quintuple output, BCD dynamic output, PV transmission output (current output), RS485 communication output

  • Various functions

    - Prescale function, delay monitoring function, hysteresis, auto-zero, parameter lock function, data bank function (MP5W only)

  • NPN input (non-contact/contact) or PNP input (non-contact/contact)
  • Display range : -19999 to 99999
  • Various display units

    - rpm, rps, Hz, kHz, sec, min, m, mm, mm/s, m/s, m/min, m/h, ℓ/s, ℓ/min, ℓ/h, %, counts, etc.

  • Power supply

    - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (AC type)

    - 24VAC 50/60Hz, 24-48VDC (AC/DC type)

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