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Dubai sensor (FSE group) is an authorized distributor for DATEXEL from 2006.

Who are they?

The success of a company is determined by several factors:

competence, reliability and professionalism.

All of this is valid also for DATEXEL, however it is not enough to provide a comprehensive picture of the company.

Datexel Founded in 1992 from the commitment and aspiration of several partners as a small provincial company, through the years DATEXEL has become an established reality on Italian and international markets as a manufacturer of electronic equipment for industrial automation and control processes.


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Future Sky Equipment LLC is providing a professional services and products to its customers since 2006 as we are the Authorized Distributor of DATEXEL.


A wide range of products

The range of DATEXEL products includes:  Transmitters, signal and temperature Converters (both analogue and digital), galvanic Isolators, signal Splitters, I/O Modules, Trip Amplifiers, Power Supply Units, current loop Isolators, analogue and digital Displays.

Our products represent innovative solutions able to cover the main sectors of industrial automation such as energy production, industrial sectors of oil, food chain, paper, pharmaceutical and chemical, water treatment and the services of automation & engineering.

Research and Development

The technological innovation and the research of new integrated solutions allow to provide to customers an exclusive service. The manufacturing process is made automatically, the products are 100% tested by the use of dedicated software and instrumentation periodically submitted to calibration.


All of their departments and offices are perfectly integrated and compatible with each other. The Sales Office, the departments of R & D and Manufacturing play a key role. During the designing, a team of specialized technicians supports the customer taking note of every specific need.

In the Manufacturing department, trained personnel take care of the realization and refining of DATEXEL equipment and of the final test of them before the delivery.

In a sector always in evolution as the industrial automation is, the activity of R & D is considered strategic and allows to get and keep Competitive Advantages.

Quality control

DATEXEL invests considerably in R&D with first-class results thanks to the contribution of researchers and highly qualified technicians. And must not forget the quality factor: DATEXEL met the challenge and took high attention to the materials used and innovative systems.

The daily work in the full respect of the quality assurance standards allowed DATEXEL to obtain the certification in according to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001 (in the year 1996) afterward to the current standard ISO 901:2015

Another important approval is the ATEX certification, about the type approval of safety requirements for apparatus and protection systems intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

DATEXEL takes constant attention to the environment and operates daily in full respect of the existing directives and standards.


Sales office

About the Sales area , DATEXEL has an internal department that interfaces daily with the Customers for the managing of normal sales activities.

Through a widespread network of distributors both in Italy and abroad, DATEXEL coordinates and assists an endless series of contacts for the promotion of its products.



The philosophy of expansion and growing of the company imposes an enlargement of the offer. Therefore qualified personnel are always in search of customers and distributors in order to acquire new markets not only in Italy but also in EC and extra EC countries and in particular in emerging countries.




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