Inductive Full-metal Sensor [Structure, Features, Applications]

Inductive Full-metal Sensor [Structure, Features, Applications]

Inductive full-metal sensor are a kind of inductive sensor that is a non-contacting electrical device to detect metallic objects using electromagnetic fields. The structure of this sensor including the sensor head and housing is manufactured of high-grade stainless steel

This feature provides powerful sensors with robust designs that are highly resistant to deformation and corrosion and also spreading bacteria. 

The sensors are suitable for use in application in different environments such as food and beverage manufacturing, chemical, and metalworking industries. 

The metal head of the sensor is highly resistant to impact, wear, mechanical stresses, and abrasive media that may be caused by contact with work pieces or wire brushes so this feature makes the sensor proper for use in environments that may be damaged or worn. 

They are used in applications that a special mechanical design requires. Other characteristics like flush, protected installation, and increased switching distances provide reliable detection with sufficient excess gain. 

In food and beverage industries this sensor prevents the spreading of bacteria, as well as its design that is unified, prevents from entering cleaning agents or germicides to the body of the sensor. 

They are also resistant to magnetic field noise from welding current. If the sensor comes close to the welding area, the noise of magnetic fields that are created by currents in welding environments can damage the sensor and cause the wrong operation. 

Inductive full-metal sensor have high resistance to this noise and can operate without error in these conditions.

In environments with metal debris, the aluminum chips may raise the risk of malfunction, and using this type of sensor can help high performance.

Features and advantages of inductive full-metal sensor at a glance

  • Resistant to cleaning processes, temperature fluctuations, abrasive media, shock, and vibration
  • Extremely robust
  • Metal sensing face for heavy-duty
  • High precision
  • Dustproof, vibration-proof, waterproof and oil-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • highly reliable even under extreme conditions

Application of full metal inductive sensor

  • Food and automotive industries
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • End position monitoring
  • Position detection
  • Material tracking
  • Part recognition
  • Humidity and wet environments
22nd Feb 2022 Saeed Abd

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