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Temperature and Humidity Controller, Multiple Input, Relay, SSR and Analog Output - SM-490

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Samwon Temperature and Humidity Controller - SM-490

3 Relay output, Multi input, Multi output, Remote


The SM-490 multifunctional SM series of temperature and humidity controllers is produced by Samwon Eng. This temperature and humidity controller, which has a variety of features, is ideal for industrial and automation processes.

The SM-490 has a variety of selectable input modes, functions, and 3 relay output that Input configuration can be read in the operational manual.

This temperature and humidity controller provides:

  • Dimension: W48 × H96 × L107
  • Multi Input: 5 Thermocouple, 1 Thermoscope resistor, 2 DC voltage, Direct current 1, 1 Humidity Sensor.

                            TC: K, J, R, T, C

                            Thermoscope resistor: DIN PT

                            DC voltage: 1-5V, 0-10V

                            DC Current: 4-20mA

                            Humidity Sensor input

  • 3 Relay output, 1 SSR output, 2 Electric current output
  • 100 ~ 240AC Power supply
  • Power failure compensation function
  • 10 kinds of alarms
  • RS485 transmission
  • Manual current output


Series Information

Samwon SM Series

Temperature and humidity controller

The SM series from Samwon Eng. is a multifunctional range of temperature and humidity controllers. With a variety of features, these sensors are ideal for industrial and automation processes.

SM Series Main features

  • Conveniently available program control (3Pattern 20segments program control)
  • RS485 transmission: Adoption of a computer communication function as a basic specification up to 1~255 ea, and free provision of a monitoring program (use of 20 ea) for demonstration
  • Multi Input: Thermocouple 5, Thermoscope resistor 1, DC voltage 2, Direct current 1, Sensor input of 14 kinds of humidity sensors, etc.
  • Power failure compensation function: In case of a power failure during program control, the value just before the power failure is memorized and operation is performed after recovery of the power failure.
  • Output current limitation: A function to limit the top/bottom of output current value
  • Slow Start: Protection of equipment by setting a current slow start to the device subject to damage of the equipment due to generation of excessive currents as soon as the power is turned ON when using a current output
  • Remote: Control of this product under the same condition as other products by receiving SV values from other products
  • 10 kinds of alarm functions
  • Manual current output: Outputting of currents continuously by designating an arbitrary currnet value
  • 10 kinds of alarms
  • Multi output: Electric current 2, Relay output 3, SSR output 1

About Samwon Eng

"Samwon Eng" is a Korean manufacturer of world-class timer, counters, and digital controllers. They also manufacture temperature and humidity controllers, industrial software and various other digital control meters. They established their organization on 11th November 1994 and their research institute in 1995. Located in the city of Kyung-Nam, South Korea, they are constantly improving their product range through constant R&D and maintaining culturally rich, environment-friendly, and honest management to ensure not only their products are exemplary but their workplace standards are as well.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty.
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Additional Information

Power Supply:
100~240AC(power range +10%)
Thermocouple : K, J, R, T, C Thermoscope resistor : DIN PT Direct currentElectric current , voltage : 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V Humidity Sensor input
OUT1 | Main output:
A relay output · Contact capacity : 250V AC5A, 30V DC5A · Contact constituent : 1C · Control system : PID Control(setting up direction/inverse ), ON/OFF Control(setting up direction/inverse )
OUT2 | Auxiliary outputting based on alarms:
A relay output · Contact capacity : 250V AC2A, 30V DC2A · Contact composition : 1A · Control method : ON/OFF control(setting up direction/inverse,Operated separately from OUT1) · 10 kinds of alarm outputs
OUT3 | Auxiliary outputting based on alarms:
A relay output    · Same as OUT2
OUT4 | Electric current Main output:
SSR OUT Electric current output   · DC4-20mA Electric current , 1~5V Power control(setting up direction/inverse, Solw start, with a built in limit function of output upper and lower ) Transmission output    · DC4-20mA transmission output
Electric current output :
DC4-20mA Electric current, 1~5V Power control (setting up direction/inverse, Solw start, with a built in limit function of output upper and lower )
Transmission output:
DC4-20mA transmission output(SV transmission output, PV transmission output)
COPY control:
Controlled in the same way as the current control of output 4
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