Pressure Switch SPDT, high pressure - KP5

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  • Pressure Switch SPDT, high pressure - KP5
  • Pressure Switch SPDT, high pressure - KP5 schematic
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Danfoss pressure switch KP5

High pressure, high quality, SPDT contact function


KP5 Danfoss pressure switches control, regulate and monitor pressure in air, marine, water, HVAC and Compressors. It’s crucial that the automatic or manual reset functions operate perfectly.

The switch in the KP5 has a snap-action function and the bellows moves only when the cut-in or cut-out value is reached. Thanks to snap action function, an Ultra-short bounce time is achieved in this pressure switch

The KP5 pressure switch has several codes, representing different properties. Most popular ones are:

  • 060-117166:  with Auto reset and flare connection
  • 060-117366: with manual reset and flare connection

As a quick report, this pressure switch provides:

  • Ultra-short bounce time thanks to snap action function (reduces wear to a minimum and increases reliability)
  • Manual trip function (electrical contact function can be tested without the use of tools)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Compact design
  • Fully welded bellows element
  • High reliability both electrically and mechanically


In KP5 pressure switches, parts that are in contact with the medium are made from Tin bronze and Nickel plated free cutting steel.

Enclosure IP30 is obtained when the units without top cover are mounted on a flat surface or bracket. Enclosure IP44 is obtained when the units with top cover are mounted on a flat surface or bracket. The bracket must be fixed to the unit so that all unused holes are covered. And IP55 is obtained when the KP pressure switches are mounted in an IP55 enclosure. This enclosure has to be ordered separately.

Reset function

Every code of KP5 pressure switches feature either Auto or Manual (max.) reset function. Units with manual reset can only be reset during operation by activation of the reset button. And in units with auto reset, the unit will reset automatically after operational stop. The reset function type for two common KP5 codes are:

  • 060-117166Auto reset
  • 060-117366: Manual (max.) reset

Set up ranges

To set up your KP5 pressure switch, you can choose a value in regulating range. This value is your cut-out or stop pressure. And by choosing the differential (Δp) value, you can build your cut-in or start pressures. In this product and other high-pressure products, the cut-out pressure minus Δp will form the cut-in pressure. The regulating range and differential (Δp) differ from a KP5 code to another, as well. These values for the common codes are:

  • 060-110166: Regulating range of 8 to 32 bar, and differential (Δp) range of 1.8 to 6.0 bar
  • 060-110366: Regulating range of 8 to 32 bar, and differential (Δp) value of 3 bar

High pressure switches can be manually reset when the pressure is equal to the stop pressure minus the differential.

Take notice that start and stop pressures should always be checked with an accurate pressure gauge.

Pressure connection

There are three pressure connection types for KP5 different codes. But the pressure connection for the two common codes is male ¼ in. flare, with the DIN 8906 standard.

Electrical connection

The electrical connection of KP5 pressure switches is rubber cable gland, which can be used for cables with 6 to 14 mm diameter.


Here is the schematic picture of KP5:


1. High pressure (HP) setting spindle
2. Differential setting spindle, (HP)
3. Main arm
5. Main spring
6. Differential spring
7. Bellows
8. HP connection
9. Earth terminal
10. Terminals
11.Earth terminal
12. Cable entry
13. Tumbler
14. Locking plate
15. Reset button


Different permissible temperature conditions are defined for using this product:

  • Ambient temperature: -40 … 65°C
  • Medium temperature: -50 … 100°C

Industries / applications

  • air, marine, water and heating 
  • Compressor
  • Air conditioning


Series Information 

KP Series

Pressure switches for commercial refrigeration applications

Danfoss KP series pressure switches are specialized for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to make protection against excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure. The switches are also used for starting and stopping refrigeration compressors and fans on air-cooled condensers.

With the KP pressure switches you get great reliability and long service life due to the snap-action function ensuring ultra-short bounce times. The KP pressure switch is available with IP30, IP44 and IP55 enclosures for appropriate protection based on the application.

KP series main features

• Ultimate installation protection against freezing
Small dimensions
Space-saving, easy to install
• Shock and impact resistant
Ultra-short bounce time



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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Pressure range category:
High pressure
Regulating Range:
8 ... 32 bar
Differential (∆p):
1.8 ... 6.0 bar / 3 bar
Pressure sensing element:
Contact Function:
Auto / Manual (max.)
Pressure connection:
¼ in. 6 mm Flare / ¼ in. ODF solder / 6 mm ODF solder
Electrical connection:
Rubber cable gland
Electrical connection size:
6 ... 14 mm
Enclosure rating IP:
IP30 / IP44 / IP55
Max. Working Pressure:
35 bar
Ambient temperature:
-40 ... 65 °C
Media temperature:
-50 ... 100 °C
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