Humidity Controller SU-503B

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  • SU-503B humidity controllers
  • SU-503B humidity controllers


SU-503B from Samwon Eng. is a humidity regulator with a sensor that is adoption of Honeywell Company’s precise humidity sensor. Operational on both AC and DC (optional).


Product Specifications





  • Input sensor

Adoption of Honeywell company’s precise humidity sensor.

  • Measure range

0~99% (effective measurement range: 20~90%).


Delivery with the sensor attached.

  • Precision


  • Output


  • Power supply

Basic form: AC100~240V (change rate of permission power ± 10%).

Option: DC12V, DC24V.

  • Out1

Basic form : Relay output (AC250/10A, DC12V, A,B contact),

Option: SSR OUT (DC12V).

  • Special features

Filtering: Mitigation of it with a filtering value because there may happen a phenomenon that numbers swing when the sensor line is combined with the power route

Assurance of input sensor(offset): A function to compensate it because there may happen an error in the detection value if the sensor line is lengthened or aged

Limit of setting range

LOC function: Locking to prohibit correction of detailed setting by anyone except for the installer

  • Size

Dimensions: (W) 76mm× 34(H) mm.

Panel size: (W) 70mm× 28(H) mm.

Brand Information

“Samwon Eng” is a Korean manufacturer of world-class timer, counters, and digital controllers. They also manufacture temperature and humidity controllers, industrial software and various other digital control meters. They established their organization on 11th November 1994 and their research institute in 1995. Located in the city of Kyung-Nam, South Korea, they are constantly improving their product range through constant R&D and maintaining culturally rich, environment-friendly, and honest management to ensure not only their products are exemplary but their workplace standards are as well.


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Warranty Information

One Year Limited Warranty
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