Autonics Solid Shaft Encoder E68S Series

68 mm Incremental Rotary Encoder (Shaft Type)

•   Ø68mm housing, Ø15mm solid shaft
•   High-strength shaft (radial load : 20kgf, thrust load : 10kgf)
•   180 kHz response frequency

Autonics Solid Shaft Encoder E68S Series

The Incremental Rotary Encoder for Industrial automation

The Autonics E68S series incremental rotary encoders feature Ø68 mm size housings with high-strength Ø15 mm solid shafts. The units can operate with radial load up to 20 kgf and thrust load up to 10 kgf. This series which is from Autonics company, is ideal for operation with main shafts of machine tools. The radial connector type encoders feature IP65 protection rating for safe operation in various environments.

Main Features

  • Radial connector type
  • Various resolutions : 500, 600, 1024 pulses per revolution
  • Power supply : 5VDC ±5%
  • IP65 protection structure (IEC standard)

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