Autonics Magnetic Single-Turn Absolute Rotary Encoder (Shaft Type) MGA50S Series

50 mm Magnetic Single-Turn Absolute Rotary Encoder (Shaft Type)

•   Minimal Influence from Environment Conditions
•   Long Service Life
•   50mm Diameter
•   High Resolution
•   3 Output Types (BCD/Binary/Gray)
•   Low Cost

Autonics Magnetic Single-Turn Absolute Rotary Encoder (Shaft Type) MGA50S Series

The Rotary Encoder for Industrial automation

The Autonics MGA50S series magnetic single-turn absolute rotary encoders feature Ø50 mm size housings with Ø8 mm solid shafts. Magnetic encoders provide precision and accuracy even in harsh environments with shock, vibration, dust, or humidity (compared to optical encoders). The encoders are available in various resolutions (up to 1024 divisions) and various output codes, providing accurate, cost-efficient solutions for any demanding application.

Main Features

  • High accuracy in harsh environments including shock, vibration, dust, and humidity (compared to optical encoders)
  • Longer service life compared to optical encoders
  • Various output code options : BCD, binary, Gray
  • Various resolutions : up to 10-bit (1024 divisions)
  • Power supply : 5VDC ±5%, 12-24VDC ±5%
  • IP50 protection structure (IEC standard)

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Working Principle of Magnetic Encoders

  • High Precision Even in Demanding Conditions : Unlike optical encoders which require perfect gaps between the disc and the optical sensor, magnetic encoders work by generating a signal as the magnetic field rotates. This allows higher tolerance for the encoders, allowing precise and accurate measurements in environments with shock, vibration, dust or humidity.
  • Longer Service Life (Compared to Optical Encoders) : magnetic rotary encoders do not contain sensitive components like optical encoders, allowing them to last longer in challenging environments. With higher shock and vibration resistance, and less chance of dust or condensation build-up, magnetic encoders inherently have a longer life cycle than its optical counterparts.

Various Output Codes

The MGA50S series which are Rotary Encoder products from Autonics company, are available in 3 different output codes : BCD, binary, Gray

Cost-Efficient Sensor Chip Developed by Autonics

The magnetic sensor chip is self-developed by Autonics, allowing the encoders to be offered at relatively low prices compared to other brands

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