Autonics Encoder Coupling ERB Series

Flexible Shaft Coupling

•   Zero backlash
•   High-strength aluminum alloy (AL7075-T6)
•   High elasticity
•   Alumite treated surface provides high corrosion resistance
•   2 connection types (clamp type, screw type)

Autonics Encoder Coupling ERB Series

The Encoder Coupling for Industrial automation

The Autonics ERB series flexible couplings are high-strength aluminum alloy (AL7075-T6) beam couplings with high elasticity. The couplings have zero backlash, providing accurate transmission of torque between shafts. The surface is treated with alumite for high corrosion resistance. The ERB series which is a Rotary Encoder Coupling from Autonics company, is available in clamp type and screw type connection and Ø19 mm and Ø26 mm outer diameter sizes.

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